Amazing Shed Window Ideas For You To Know

Have you just finished building the shed? Or are you looking for ways to spice up your shed? You can add a gap for light to light up the spaces on your shed with a window to shed. In addition to aesthetics, the window on the shed is good for the equipment or items you have stored. With light and good air circulation, you can also make shed a workspace for you. Ready for the next project? Here we have some cool looks of shed window ideas!

Very common in shed window ideas, you can’t go wrong with placing a square window in your shed. You can make your own window frames with wood. You can use recycled materials for this shed project. Add more characters to your window with a shutter to prevent rain from seeping into the room.

Light Through Door

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You can do variations of window placement by placing it on the door. In appearance, this shed window ideas can make your shed look more friendly. Use the same design as the window on your door. Thus, the room in your warehouse will get more sun with a beautiful appearance. Now you have a comfy and better place for doing your hobby or work. Reluctant to buy a replacement door? You can also make your own door by adding a piece of glass.

Shutters for Windows Shed

shed shutters

Want a shed window ideas that have a bit accessories? Either fully functional or just decoration, shutters can be the right choice! Add shutter to place shutters and paint it with contrast color to freshen up your shed. By having shutters, you can provide extra protection on safety, storm damage, or the possibility of baseball accidentally thrown into your warehouse.

Double Glazed Shed Windows

shed window ideas

Double glazed shed window ideas may be the main alternative to windows in your area, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy snow. These model warehouse windows are suitable for cold climates because they will provide good lighting, but also security for the inside of your warehouse so that equipment and machinery in the warehouse can last a long time.

New double-glazed windows are more suitable for you if you plan to make a workspace or studio in a warehouse. If it is only a place to store equipment, you can switch to cheaper glass materials.

If this is still off-your budget you can match your budget by making DIY double glazed windows.

Add some transparent polycarbonate glass sheets on the back of the frame for effectiveness. This material can also improve the appearance and security of your warehouse.

If the double glazed window is still outside the budget, you can look for an upcycled double glaze that is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Play with Another Shaped Window

circular shed window
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There is no one who requires a square shape in a window for a shed. That’s the way you can think outside the box literally! Try designing a shed window ideas with various shapes, such as forming a circle or even a triangle like a window in your attic. Use the porthole as your inspiration for the round window too. Then you will have a personalized window design for your shed. In essence, a window functions to let sunlight in, no matter how unique you make the shape.

Go For Aluminium Windows

shed windows ideas
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Another alternative material that you can consider for shed windows is aluminium. Although it does not have the appearance of another beautiful, aluminium offers practicality that cannot be offered by other materials. This material is an anti-rust material that can last a long time. This material also cannot rot or rot like wood. You can choose a window made of aluminium that has been made.

For ready-made aluminium windows, you can find various alternatives online. Don’t forget to choose a closed aluminium warehouse window for extra security for your warehouse.

Stylish Shed Window Ideas

stylish window for shed
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Want something more prominent and different from the shed in general? You can play with the number of windows to increase the light in the shed. Add a large window in one area and add several smaller windows around it. Give certain accents on your window such as frames or colors that are in contours. The only limitation is your creativity. The styles you can choose for windows include the French window.

Planter Box on Windows

planter box on window

To add a natural feel to your shed, you can add a planter box to the front of your window. Colorful plants can liven up the atmosphere in front of the warehouse and create a cheerful atmosphere. Place it at an appropriate height so that you can carry out treatments, such as watering and easy cutting.

Window flower boxes are easy to install, adding an exciting new dimension to any warehouse window. If you want plants that don’t need extra care, you can plant plants that are dry-resistant.

Window Screen / Flywire

window screen shed
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If you are looking for alternatives to windows that bring fresh air, you can consider this material. Insects in your warehouse can be annoying and disturbing concentration if you open the window. To overcome this problem you can add an insect screen or flywire on the window frame. Thus, you can enjoy the wind in the warehouse but still do not allow insects to enter. You can make your own screen by purchasing window frames and flywire rolls online. But if you have enough budget, you can buy it directly as a whole.

Transom Windows

transom window shed ideas

Another variation is to place window transom. This type of window is placed at the top of your shed. Thus the light can enter from the top of your shed and light up more area. Furthermore, placing the transom window is safer than placing a window on your door. The reasons include:

First, the top will capture sunlight from various angles, making it even more possible for you to save electricity during the day.

Second, the placement of high windows makes opportunists hesitate to try to break into your shed. The high placement also makes it difficult for people to see what is in your shed. This provides extra security, especially if you store expensive objects or machines in your shed.

Window Mesh Security Grilles

security shed window grill

In addition to the window placement strategy, you can add a wire mesh security grid to your shed window. This alternative needs to be highly considered if your shed is on the side of the road. The placement of a security lattice will give more reluctance to people who graduate, especially for intruders or someone who has bad intentions. To compensate for the window design, also make sure the door or other open part of the shed has high security too. Like using a door with hard material for extra security.

Open Steel Mesh Panels

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If you want to make your warehouse outdoor storage, mesh panels are the right choice. Mesh panels provide good air circulation while maintaining the freshness of your warehouse interior. The existence of this wire mesh can also help you to clean the warehouse. It doesn’t even have to have an industrial feel, you can give colors as a finishing touch.

Polycarbonate Sheeting for Roof Windows

shed windows ideas
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Using polycarbonate sheets or recycled glass can be your warehouse window choice. Make your warehouse bright during the day so you can save electricity or even make your warehouse a place that is not connected to the electricity network. The appearance of the warehouse with polycarbonate material can also create an elegant impression to be seen outside the warehouse.

Compared to traditional glass panels, polycarbonate sheets have harder properties. This material is commonly used in storm-prone areas. A lighter and safer polycarbonate material enables the easy delivery of this material.

Before placing this material, don’t forget to do certain designs and calculations. You don’t want to put translucent material behind the shadows of other buildings, right?

Greenhouse for Greens

greenhouse shed

Need plenty of sunrays for your lovely plants? This greenhouse concept may be the best choice for you. Add some big windows and place them side to side. For extra light, you could change your shed’s roof into a glass one too. Now you have your own personal room for gardening hobbies and maybe doing some experiments!


From the above inspirations, which attracted you the most? We hope this collection of inspiration can provide insight into the window ideas for your shed. Some ideas also don’t cost a lot, it even can be done with recycling materials that are not used. Feel free to choose whatever you want. Maximize your creativity and make the shed windows project as a fun one!


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