Clear Your Yard With These 10 Trash Shed Can Enclosure

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Does your garbage cause a lot of problems in your house? Like the rotten smell that makes your neighbors complain to you or the trash can that keeps falling and invites rats and other animals? All you need is an trash shed that can hold your garbage bin and keep your trash tidy inside. Don’t worry, you don’t need to waste your time to build it up on your own, the markets already have some choices for you. They have outdoor garbage can holders with various designs and a wide range of prices. Does this wide variety of styles and prices make it hard to pick the rightest one? Here are some considerations that you need to think about before purchasing.

How to Pick the Right Trash Enclosure for Your Yard

Since the markets offer many kinds of garbage can storage, it might be not easy to decide which one is the fittest for you. We have tips to help you make your choice :

1. Set the Minimum and Maximum Cost of Your Trash Shed

First of all, think about your budget and the cost of the product. You can make it into two plans. Plan number one, set the cost of the garbage can enclosure that you would likely to buy. If you find what you desire with the price suits your plan, it is a good deal. Plan number two, set the highest cost that you can spend to get what you are looking for.

2. Determine Trash Shed size

After the pricing, you need to take a look at the size of the outdoor trash can storage. The bigger you get, the more it can keep piles of trash and their smell from your neighbors’ nose. However, you can still adjust to the amount of your daily disposal. The smaller enclosure may give a minimalist and simpler look.

3. Think of the material

Beside the size, you need to put in mind what the storage is made of. Nowadays, garbage can storages are commonly made of wood or plastic. The trash bin storage made of plastic can be much cheaper than the wooden one. Anyway, it still depends on the brand of the product and the composition of plastic itself. Meanwhile, despite its price, the wooden trash bin storage is more durable when it comes to piling snow. Wood is stronger to hold the heavy snow than plastic.

4. Match the Trash Shed Design With Your Yard

You may think the garbage can enclosure has no decorative function, but don’t make the view of your yard distracted with the appearance of trash enclosures that don’t blend well with its surrounding. The way it looks matters too. Choose the color and the style of your trash enclosure that can be combined well in your yard.

5. How many Trash Shed Doors You Need

How many doors it has is important as well. The number of the doors affects the ease of access of the bin. There are garbage enclosures types with a shed and also those with open tops. Openable roof or lid can ease you to dispose of trash from the top. Garbage can enclosures with more doors will cost higher than the fewer one.

One other thing to consider when you are buying trash can storage is whether you intend to use that for other purposes. For example, you are going to use the storage to keep old bikes, prams, or smaller things like garage equipment. Make sure the storage you pick can keep those things inside neatly.

Top 10 Recommended Trash Shed Can Enclosure Units for You

Leisure Season Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed

Trash Shed
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This storage shed has three doors, a top single hydraulic door which makes it light enough to be opened one hand, and double front doors to put in and take out two wheelie bins. Designed with curved sheds, the lid of this storage can prevent snow, ice, and water from stacking up on top of it. Constructed from tongue and groove planks and outdoor hardware, the body of this shed becomes durable.

With protective acrylic coating, this product lasts long throughout the timeThe tongue and groove planks give flimsy impression
The parts are easy to assembleThe shed may cause tall people difficult to close it
Strong body is created from solid wood materialNeed more clear coating for better protection

Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed

Trash can enclosure
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This outdoor trash can storage has plenty room to load 96-gallon wheelie bins. The material is from blow-molded plastic, and its poly material can resist UV and destruction from weather, makes it stay grand even in the hottest days of summer and coldest day of winter leaving no rust, corrode, or rotting. The inclining lid is mounted on a couple of pneumatic lifts to give an ease when opening. It has a modest appearance with the combination of soft colors: white and grey which are adjustable with the most exterior decors.

The Blow Molded plastic build a tough durable bodyThis sheds needs to be placed on a foundation or level ground
The interior has wide spaceThe assembling process takes a time
It is available in standard priceIts manufacturing is por in quality

Keter Store-It-Out MAX Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

trash can storage
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This garbage storage shed appears in a pretty look with wood grain texture. The cream neutral color can suit anything in your yard. The polypropylene resin with steel reinforcement protects the trash bin throughout the years. It is featured with two front doors and an openable roof like most good outdoor storage shed products The “linking system” supports the lid to lift up when you open it.

RubbishWrap Outdoor Garbage Enclosure – Trash Bin Shed Storage Double Unit

garbage holder
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Appears without roofs, this trash bin shed storage gives a vintage, classic look. The material is resistant from wind, UV, and weather changes. The surface is paintable to adjust with the exterior decor. The door flip up out for loading and unloading trash bin measured up to the largest bin used in the U.S. or 96 gallons. Most importantly, it is super quick to be snapped together without tools in a few minutes.

You can have the color you want by painting the surfaceThe price can be high
The appearance is so impressiveIt doesn’t have much strength to keep bigger animals out
The fast assembling sets it ready in five minutesThe material is easy destroyed by weedeater string

Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed

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The most advantageous part of this outdoor storage shed is its heavy-duty floor. This heavy-duty floor can be helpful if you functionate this storage for something else. Who knows you will need this floor later? Comes up with wood grain texture, this shed’ appearance can mingle with your yard surrounding. Additionally, your bin will be secure inside with a padlock.

The cost is reasonableIts room is small that only fits up to 43-gallon trash cans
The assembling process is easyThe hinges have possibility to break off
It is featured with heavy-duty floorIt requires a solid foundation to be placed

Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed, Large

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This garbage can storage unit is more multifunctional than you can expect. It has a wide variety of functions for a garbage storage shed. The Rubbermaid made the shed undentable, leak-proof, and weather resistant. You have more storage options since this shed has notches on its wall for shelves. The room volume is 32 cubic feet, fits for standard trash size.

It is constructed with double wall that gives more support for strengthYou may find it hard to comprehend the manual’s instruction
The room can include 2 to 3 trash cansThe doors don’t stay in place wind blows open
It requires a flat solid ground to stand onIt gives a possibility for animal to enter you trash cans

Suncast FS4423 Outdoor Screen Enclosure

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Similar to the previous shed mentioned in number 4, this garbage can enclosure also has no roof on it. This is perfect for those who want instant access to the trash bin without opening it. It comes in four panels that you can modify in “U” or “L” forms. You can also set it in zigzag form if you want. The resin materials protect the surface from damaging UV and extreme cold temperature. Every panel extends for 23 inches wide.

This fence-like model gives an extra ease to assembleThe absence of roof makes it easy for pests to reach
The non-roofed model makes the access in and out be more simpleThe steel posts can rust
This is very flexible that you can use it for many different purposesIt is too weak to hold in the wind blow

Outdoor Living Today – Oscar Waste Management Shed

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Built from Western Red Cedar, this shed standout in durability. It can strive in any type of weather. The room is enough for a couple 58-gallon trash cans or three smaller ones. With the curved lid and a pair of gas-charged cylinders to hold the lid up, it will be very easy to open. The doors and roof can be firmly closed and leave no gap for critters to get inside.

The materials from Western Red Cedar enhance the longevityA number of pre-drilled holes may not line up
It is built from high quality materialsYou may need an extra effort to install the gas shock
The instruction is simple to followYou may need to find the online instruction for better guideline

Bosmere Rowlinson A042 Garbage Bin Storage Shed

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If you are looking for an ideal appearance, Bosmere Rowlinson A042 Garbage Bin Storage Shed is a perfect choice. This shed provides two openable lids that weigh less to open than the one roof model. The thickness of 12 millimeters shipboard style cladding maximizes the durability.

12 mm cladding improves the durabilityIt is not facilitated with hydraulic cylinder lift
Four doors give more ease for accessThe wood lid props gives chance the dropping lids to fall out
It is easy to lift the lids with chains lift systemThe roof is too thin to hold snow​10

Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

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This shed is designed with curved roof and double resin wall construction, creating strong performance for a garbage storage shed. It is also secured with a three-door locking system to prevent the reach of animals. The bolt-together assembly eases your building process.

It is strengthen with double-wall constructionThe roof can be blown by strong wind
It has plenty room to keep up two 96-gallon trash cansThe roof may dent under the hot summer weather
You don’t need an extra effort because of the ease of bolt-together
The materials appear flimsy

Time to Pick The Right Trash Shed For Your Home

Have you decided which one you’re going to pick? Hopefully, those examples help you figure out what you need. You can use those trash can enclosures for many other purposes. You can keep garage utensils or anything you no longer use.

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