Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas for More Relaxing & Fun

Whether you want to make yourself stay warm in the chilling night, improve the look of your coffee table, or roast marshmallows, a fire bowl will have your back. Check out some tabletop fire bowl ideas of it that can be implemented for both outdoors and indoors.

Beautiful Tabletop Firebowl Ideas with Imprinted Leaf

mounted blue tabletop

A tabletop firebowl can easily be found in many home-improvement stores. However, if you cannot find the one that suits your style well, you had better make it yourself.

To make a stylish tabletop fire bowl, you will need Portland cement, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, plastic, a bowl, lava rocks, Sterno, leaves of your choice, and rubber gloves.

Next, begin to line your no-lip bowl with the plastic bag, and then place the leaves on the plastic where you want the imprinted pattern to form.

After that, pour the mixture of vermiculite, sphagnum moss, cement, and water on the leaves and plastic, beginning from the bottom.

Do not forget to leave an opening at the center for your Sterno to nestle. Smooth the rim and pit before placing the lava rocks.

Tabletop Personal Fire Pit

personal transparent glass fire pit

A fire bowl does not have to be round. This square portable firebowl will provide a distinctive charm.

This tabletop fire bowl ideas is made of a metal planter and glass frames. Its small size allows it to be used indoor or outdoor.

To make this firebowl, you need to make the firebox by assembling four glass frames using silicone.

Next, place the glass box on top of the planter. Ensure that you leave enough space on the edge near the center for the metal mesh to rest on it.

After that, place a can of gel fuel at the center of the firebowl. Put the wire mesh on the remaining lip of the planter so that it can fit snugly.

Cover the wire mesh with rocks loosely so that it can still get some oxygen, which makes the fire stay lit. Finally,lit the fire up!

Easy DIY Fire Bowl

DIY concrete tabletop firebowl

Making your tabletop fire bowl is merely a breeze. You do not have to splurge out on a fancy one because you are going to DIY it.

First, you need to get a bowl. It does not matter whether it is small or large. You decide the size.

Once you get your bowl already, mix the concrete. Now determine how you want your tabletop fire bowl to look.

If you are a fan of the sleek design of modern style, apply cooking spray inside the bowl. Pour the concrete mix. Weight it down with another smaller bowl that has been greased with cooking spray previously.

Rustic charm can be gained if you apply another method. Instead of greasing the inside of the bowl, you are going to do it for the outside. After that, create a mold with the concrete mixture that has a drier clay-like consistency.

Once you shape the mold, cover it and let it dry before removing it from the bowl. Sand the rough edge thoroughly.

Fill the bottom of the fire bowl with a layer of lava rock. Take your gel fuel can and wrap it with a wire mesh to determine the length of the mesh.

Make a circle with the mesh, and place it right at the center of the fire bowl. This wire will provide a little space for the can do that you can replace it easily when it has been used up.

Cut another wire mesh to cover the can. Continue to fill in the remaining space with fire glass to hide the lava rocks away.

How to Make a  Firebowl from a Square Planter

tabletop firepit from square planter

This tabletop fire bowl ideas is made from a black metal planter. The clean-lined edges add the touch of modern flair nicely.

It is available in home-improvement stores. But you can always make it yourself so that you can get the one that exactly meets your requirements well.

If you prefer the latter, make sure that the ceramic or metal rectangular planter features lip because you are going to use it to place the glass box.

Sculptural Tabletop Fire Bowl

sculptural pattern fire bowl

A plain round tabletop fire bowl ideas is a dime a dozen. Are you looking for the one that features an intriguing design? Give this firebowl a try.

This fire bowl features sculptural patterns that are fastidiously designed to resemble the shapes of flames.

When the fire lights, you will see the flame patterns’ silhouettes moving as if they were dancing. It can steal anyone’s focus.

Utilizing Unused Bucket

recycle bucket to fire bowls

Do you have some unused buckets at home? Do not neglect them as they can make pretty cool tabletop fire bowls.

Turning a bucket into a fire bowl is just a piece of cake. It is similar to the previous DIY that has been mentioned.

You will need lava rocks, wire mesh, a gel fuel can, a little bit of creativity and elbow grease. It may not as big as some other fire bowls, but it will work like a charm. It will provide a place for you to roast marshmallows either indoor or outdoor.

Geometric Table Top Fire Bowl

indoor tabletop fire bowl

Who says that a fire bowl has to be perfectly round? If you think it is somewhat tedious, and you want an unusual thing that can draw the eyes instantly, try this one.

This tabletop fire bowl ideas features geometric shapes in the outside and a perfect round in the inside. Its simple design matches any modern houses immensely.

Besides, the compact design allows you to move it anywhere you want without breaking a sweat.

Blue Pearl Fire Bowl with Mosquito Repellent

blue outdoor tabletop fire bowl

Spending leisure time in the deck can be fascinating. But do you know what makes it become not fun at all? Mosquitoes.

Actually, you can just spray deer to your exposed legs and hands. It can work like a charm.

But did you know that there is another better method to carve out some sort of style while driving the mosquitoes away?

This firebowl is made of a clear crystal bowl. What makes it wonderful is it has mosquito repellent, thanks to the torch fuel that not only provides flame that illuminates your deck but also deters insects. For the finishing touch, top it with blue glass beads.

Unusual yet Elegant Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas

small tabletop fire bowl

Most tabletop fire bowls have an even edge that often stay flush. Why don’t you try an unusual-yet-elegant thing, instead?

Unlike many other fire bowls, this one features a wavy edge that accentuates the upscale look of modern style nicely.

Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl

small tabletop fire bowl with glass

Concrete fire bowls can be quite heavy, which makes them pretty hard to move. This is also the reason why they cannot be brought along when you are having a trip.

Instead of a concrete tabletop fire bowl, which is heavy and bulky, you can try investing in this small one.

This fire bowl has a compact design that fits snugly in your palm. It is also lightweight, so you can take it from the coffee table in the living room to your patio.

Zen Tabletop Fire Bowl

river stone fire bowl

Bring the serenity of Japanese landscaping with this tabletop fire bowl ideas.

One of the most prominent points of a zen garden is rocks and water features. This fire bowl looks like a real stone with a rounded lip.

Instead of having a puddle in the middle of the stone, it has several lava rocks that surround a gel fuel can. Just place it on your coffee table in the living room to accentuate the Japanese home decor while impressing your guests.

Gothic Yet Elegant Style

gothic style fire bowl

If you are dying for the mysterious look of the gothic style, you can try getting this kind of fire bowl.

Instead of looking like the usual bowl with a rounded shape, this firebowl features a whimsical design that resembles a skull. It is not scary, though. This is beautiful.

It is made of concrete that has been thoroughly carved to look like a skull. The details have a little bit of geometric pattern, which makes it suit a modern living room or patio nicely.

Copper Fire Bowl

cooper tabletop gel fuel fire bowl

A centerpiece in a garden is often overlooked. The truth is it plays an essential role to bring every element together.

The focal point of a garden usually features a palm tree, a fountain, or a birdbath. They are dime a dozen. Let’s try something new like a copper fire bowl.

This fire bowl will add an upscale look to your backyard. The copper finish and the green glass beads enhance the beauty and elegance of your garden.

Just make sure it is big enough and you put it in a post that acts as a stage for this dramatic look.

A tabletop fire bowl not only alleviates the chilling night but also improves the appearance of the surrounding space. More importantly, it will not cost you a fortune.

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