26 Succulent Terrarium Ideas You Should Try

Terrarium is a small glass planter that usually used for decorate an indoor area. The most plant that usually used in a terrarium is a succulent. Succulent can store their own water, have a slow-grow habit, and they have millions of varieties. With those reasons, we can say that the perfect plant for terrarium is a succulent. There’s a lot of things that we can do to decorate a terrarium, it depends on your creativity and your budget because you can’t go wrong with the art of terrarium. In this article, i have 26 succulent terrarium ideas for you that i think you should copy because these ideas are easy but gorgeus!

succulent plant on a white sand terrarium
succulent plant on a white sand terrarium Source
single succulent on a mini terrarium ideas
Single succulent on a mini hanging terrarium
mini statue in the middle of terrarium
mini statue in the middle of terrarium. source
large terrarium ideas
large terrarium ideas. source
small succulent terrarium ideas
small colorful succulent terrarium. source
succulent terrarium on a desk
succulent terrarium on a desk. source
unique terrarium ideas
Single succulent inside unique glass design
diy succulent terrarium ideas with goblet glass
Similar but different terrarium
glass terrarium kit
Terrarium decoration using an unused ashtray
layered sand under the succulent
layered sand under the succulent. source
large terrarium with stepping stone
Miniature of stepping stones on a glass planter
tilted terrarium
Dwarf statue decorating the tilted terrarium
terrarium with full of succulent plant
Terrarium with full of succulent plant
succulent terrarium ideas
succulent terrarium ideas. source
creative colorful terrarium ideas
A beautiful color of succulents
terrarium with a lot variety of cactus
terrarium with a lot variety of cactus. source
diy terrarium ideas with lamp like bowl
DIY terrarium using unused lamp
succulent terrarium using green glass
succulent terrarium using green glass. source
adorable miniature terrarium ideas with coffee table and chairs
Adorable miniature of backyard
scandinavian succulent terrarium ideas
scandinavian succulent terrarium ideas. source
easy terrarium idea succulent planter
easy terrarium idea succulent planter. source
artificial flowers inside a terrarium
artificial flowers inside a terrarium. source
succulent terrarium kit
succulent terrarium kit. source
succulent terrarium centerpieces offbeat bride
succulent terrarium centerpieces offbeat bride. source
square succulent terrarium ideas
square succulent terrarium ideas. source
sand art diy terrarium ideas
sand art diy terrarium ideas. source

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