15 Shed Storage Ideas That Can Tidy Up Your Shed

Do your tools disappear from your shed mysteriously? Or do you just forget where you put it in any place until your shed slowly turns into a disaster and messy environment? That is the same thing I experienced and all you need is just a creative shed storage ideas.

This shed storage ideas match the needs and materials that are easily found. This tools storage idea make my working time on various projects in my shed because I don’t need to spend time looking up in my shed just to find my screwdriver. Of course, this is the convenience that also what you want to get, right?

Here we give some ideas for storage ideas in your shed

Use cut of PVC Pipe for Long-Handled Tool Racks

An easy, inexpensive and effective solution for your tools

source : https://pinterest.de/

Do you have a variety of tools with long handles such as palm-fiber brooms, shovels, or rakes that you use to wrestle with dry leaves in fall? Tools like this might end up in the corner of your shed or even just place on the floor. Of course, this gives a bad impression on your favorite shed storage.

You can easily tidy the tools up by cutting a short PVC pipe and simply attach it to the wall of your shed and screw it directly to the wall or put 2×4 on the stud. You can also put a label on each holder so that you place the tool back in the right place each time. This also helps make sure you know what’s missing.

PVC Pipe Tool Hangers

Another clever way to use PVC pipe

PVC shed storage ideas
source : https://brilliantdiy.com

Indeed there is no end to the usefulness of this PVC Pipe! If you have a variety of different wireless/electric/air devices, you must store them well to last.

Stacking it with various other tools in your drawer may not be your best interest. Then what if you want to store it in your shed?

Using a PVC pipe 4 inches or larger, remove it as shown and cut the length that is long enough to hold the tool safely. Install the pipe under the cabinet and viola, perfect creative tool shed storage ideas, right?

Overhead Shed Storage Idea

Make use of under the ceiling of your shed

Overhead Shed Storage Ideas
source : https://a1garage.com/

There may be a lot of plastic storage boxes already in your house. But have you ever thought of

using it as a storage device “above your head”?

Use the size of 2x4s, 1x6s, and 1x4s storage boxes can be easily utilized. Start by attaching 2×4 to 1×6 using wood screws and glue. Then attach 1×4 on the opposite side of 2×4 using the same method.

The only thing left is to install rails on the ceiling of your shed which is far enough away that the box can enter easily, but close enough to make sure it doesn’t fall. This has to do with precise measurements, you don’t want to work mounting objects on the ceiling just to see it fall apart, right?

From Shoes to Glove and Small Tools

Have extra hanging shoe holder for your shed storage

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Do you have an old shoe holder like this lying around or have to run out of local department store discounts and spend a few dollars, it will be very useful.

Using those shoe holders, you could use it for gloves, hair clippers, scissors, and almost all other small hand tools. Hang it on your shed wall and it’ll be useful to store those small things!

Pie Pan Saw Blade Holders

Take a slice out of the pie pans for your blades

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Maybe you are using several different types of the circular saw blade. If you just laid it there around your shed, you may notice that at least one or two of them becoming lost or damaged.

Why not take a couple of your wife’s old (do NOT take the new ones) pie pans, cut them in half and mount them to a flat spot on the wall? This pie pan yields two convenient holders that can hold several blades at a time.

Reuse Your Old Jar for Shed Storage Ideas

Reusing also good for the environment!

Bottom Shelf Shed Storage Ideas
source : https://wonderspawn.com/

Choose a selection of glass jars such as baby food, pickle, jelly, and jam. Wash them thoroughly and let them dry. Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet.

You can use the jars for nails, screws, nuts and bolts, and many other small items. You could see exactly what is in each jar and take them with you when working in the shed or anywhere else.

Magnetic Tool Holders

Stick your tools to any good spot in the shed

source : https://www.wallcontrol.com/

You can buy magnetic tool holders that can be placed to any convenient spot on the wall, under a cabinet, on the edge of a bench, even the ceiling. Once hung, you can hang screwdrivers, small pairs of pliers, and pretty much any small hand tool on them.

Use them to store all your small tools in one location. And then over time your tools will become magnetized making it easier to hang onto small screws.

Easy Up Hammer Shelves

It’s Hammer Time, with this simple to build hammer shelves

Take one wood shelf and two metal tubes. Use that by creating a great way to store your collection of hammers. All you have to do now is to cut a pair of round notches in the shelf supports for the tubes to rest in.

Make sure you leave enough space between them for your widest hammer handle. Then place the shelf to the wall and you are done. The whole project can be completed in less than thirty minutes.

Milk Jug Storage Bins

Another smart way to reuse

source : http://pinterest.com/

While baby food jars are perfect for small items like nuts and bolts when you need something a little bigger, why not make use of all those plastic one-gallon milk jugs you have been recycling. Start by cutting the top off at an angle. Then wash and dry the jugs thoroughly to eliminate any risk of sour milk smell. Grab a convenient shelf and here you go, a versatile storage unit that can go with you anywhere.

Pegboard for Literally Anything

Large or small, pegboard can be used to store it all

pegboard on shed storage idea

Pegboard is a must when it comes to storage ideas. This design looks like the poster racks and you could found it in most department stores.

As long as you mount the rack holder securely in place, you can store an amazing array of your favorite tools (you know the ones that tend to get lost the most) all in one convenient location.

Tie Rack Wrench Holder

An efficient storage key

You can take one of these closet tie racks for just a few dollars. But instead of hanging your best tie on it, why not use it to store your collection of wrenches from the tub, bucket, drawer, bench, and who knows where else you can store it now?

Double shelves allow you to use one set of pegs for standard wrenches and the other for metrics. And of course, you can see the missing wrench in seconds that encourages you to save it before it’s gone.

Use the PVC Pipe One More Time

Organized everything in one place

source : https://onideal.com/

Still want to hone your creativity using PVC pipes. You might have done a similar trick somewhere else. Here we see various pipes screwed to the sloping boards.

This tube can be used for pencils, wire ties, small hand tools, paintbrushes, and more. Angles help keep things from falling out and let you store all the small things that are usually lost safely in one place. You can also create several storage places to differentiate their functions.

Simple Plier Shed Storage Idea

Smart use of your towel rack

Here is another idea! Instead of the towel bar, a piece of molding is used. The entire assembly is placed in a convenient spot on the wall.

The taper of the molding fits nicely into the space between the handles at the joint. From pliers to wire cutter and tin snips, this is a good way to keep your tools neatly organized in your shed’s wall.

Make Sure Every Inch of Space Is Used

The must be no space left

Utilize space in a shed

When discussing creative tool storage ideas, you shouldn’t waste as much as an inch of available space. This includes the area between each stud wall. To use it you only need to install shelves in between.

You can screw the shelves in their place or buy plastic rack spacers like the ones in the picture for the most complete shed storage for a very wide range of inventory. This will be very useful especially now there are various sizes of shelves available on the market.

Down to the Last Nut and Bolt

I hope you find this information is useful for your creative tool shed storage ideas. To me, there is nothing worse than a disorganized shed. I hate wasting more time trying to find tools or parts than it takes to make the repairs or finish the project.

There are so many different ways to improve on and increase the amount of usable storage space you have in your shed, these are just a few of my favorites.

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