Essential Shed Building Tools That You Should Have

Making something from scratch is not an impossible mission if you have the materials and equipment you need in hand. Keep on reading to figure out shed building tools that you must have if you want to build it yourself.

Why You Need Proper Shed Building Tools

important shed building tools

Many factors determine the success of building a storage shed. Thus, you must have a proper plan in hand, one or two weekends, a little bit of elbow grease, and – the most indispensable thing – appropriate shed building tools.

If you have the right shed building tools, making beautiful and practical storage in your backyard will be successful. Moreover, you will save a lot of time because you are using the appropriate one.

Using the right shed building tools will also make this project much easier because each phase of the work will run smoothly.

Once you have all of this tools, you can start to create your own shed by following instruction in this article.

DIY Tools Shed

Before hitting the road to grab some equipment for this project in a hardware store near you, you had better have a trip in this article to learn the essential shed building tools you are going to need.

Knowing what shed building tools that you are likely to need will save much of your time when going shopping in a hardware store. But, if you have no idea what to buy, you are probably waste your time for nothing.

Here are the essential shed building tools that you need :

Framing Hammer

framming hammer

The first shed building tool that you need to have is a framing hammer. It has a waffle head that can prevent it from slipping off the nail. Moreover, it also features a straight claw that you can use to remove bent nails.

When purchasing a framing hammer, choose the one with shock-reduction grip because it will give you extra comfort to your hand when working. Even more, it can reduces the impact of vibration.

Heavy-Duty Measuring Tape

heavy duty measuring tape
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Getting a precise measurement is a must when it comes to a woodworking project. For this reason, you will need one of these shed building tools.

A heavy-duty measuring tape allows you to get the exact measurement. So, to make it easier, invest in a double-sided one that features a powerful magnetic grip along with a quick locking system.

Speed Square

speed square building tools

Instead of wasting time in getting the precise 90-degree cutting lines, why don’t you just use this speed square?

These shed building tools will be very handy when you have to mark 90-degree lines on timber boards.

Carpenter’s Pencil

carpenter pencil building tools

Do not overlook the importance of a carpenter’s pencil because it helps you mark the boards during the construction process.

Thus, it is specifically designed for woodworking projects. Therefore, it has a unique flat design that prevents it from rolling off while keeping the lead inside from cracking.

Chalk Line Tool

chalk line tool

This shed building tool is perfect for making straight lines when you are locating the walls and trusses.

Unlike making the lines manually using stakes and threads, this chalk line tool will work more quickly, efficiently, and precisely without the hassles.

Wood Glue

wood glue building tools

Wood glue is something that you need in every woodworking project including building a storage shed. Additionally, it allows you to temporarily – or even permanently – assemble the pieces. But for a sturdier finish, you still need to drive nails, though.

Magnetic Wrist Band with Tool Holder

magnetic wrist band tool

It may seem trivial, but let’s be honest. You waste most of your time looking for small screws and nails in the toolbox.

Save your time by investing in this magnetic wrist band. It allows you to attach small items like nails and screws so that you can find and also grab them in no time.

Magnesium Hand Float

hand float building tools

You are going to need this magnesium hand float to level and smoothen the surface of your shed concrete base. It has a comfortable handle for the easy grip and beveled edges along with rounded corners to make this process easier.

Safety Glasses

safety glasses for building shed

Do not ignore your safety. When you have to work with power tools, wearing safety glasses is a must because it can prevent fine-flying wood fragments that may be harmful to your eyes.

Step Ladder

double sided ladder

You are going to need this shed building tool when you installing the roof frame. So, you can climb high safely.

Choose the lightweight one with platform steps and a wide base for the ultimate safety and comfort.

Hearing Protection

industrial hearing protection

The loud noise of shed building tools can be harmful to your hearing. Therefore, you will have to protect it by wearing this stuff.

Micro Jig

little jigsaw for building shed

A micro jig will help you make precise cuts when you are trying to create the components for your shed. Besides, it can also protect your hands from getting injured or cut.

Wood Clamps

wood holder for shed

Wood clamps will help you hold your workpieces together while you are doing something else.

You can also use it when applying wood glue. These shed building tools will make the adhesive works better and the pieces stick firmly.

Circular Saw

circular saw for cutting timber easily

A circular saw will help you cut the timber boards more quickly and accurately. Moreover, it is better than using a manual hand saw that takes a lot of time, not to mention the backache that you will get.

Table Saw

cutting wood shed with table saw

This is one of the most versatile building tools. If you are a DIY addict, you are going to need this one.

It may be a bit pricey, but it is worth the money because you can use it for not only making a shed but also many other woodworking projects.

With the steady blade that stays in the table, you can get precise cuttings easily and quickly.

Cordless Power Drill

36 volt cordless drill

The absence of the cord will make the process of building a shed become much easier. So, you can use it to drill holes.

Finishing Trowel

stainless steel finishing trowels tool

You will use this tool to scoop up wet plaster and apply it to the base of your shed. While its thin and sharp edges allow you to spread it smoothly.

Electric Brad Nailer

finishing shed building tools

This shed building tool will be your savior. It can help you with finishing nails quickly and accurately. Even more, with this electric brad nailer in hand, you will be always ready for the next DIY projects.

Orbital Sander

electric orbital sander

You will have to sand the boards down so that you can apply any finish efficiently and easily. But, instead of wasting your time and energy to smoothen the wood surface manually, this building shed tool will have your back.

Caulk Gun

sealer building tools

This tool will help you seal all seams and joints in your shed easily. Just squeeze the gun, and you have a more finished outdoor storage.

Pocket-Hole Jig

pocket hole jig tool

Driving screws to wooden board without cracking it can be a bit tricky. But you can do that easily if you create pocket holes beforehand. Therefore, you are going to need a Kreg jig for this project.

Putty Knife

scraper surface tools

Applying putty with a finger can be a little bit hard, not to mention the messy finish. So, to make it easier and tidier, you can use a putty knife.

With this tool, you can fill the nail holes with putty so that you can get a flawless look when the paint is applied.

Spirit Level

bubble leveling tools

This tool helps you level the floor and frames accurately. Therefore, you can avoid the painful last-minute corrections.

Paint Sprayer

electric paint sprayer tools

A paint sprayer is very useful when you are building a large shed. It can save much of your time. Unfortunately, they can be clogged easily.

Paint Roller

soft paint roller softbrush

A paint sprayer can be pricey. If you think you cannot afford it, you can use a paint roller with an extension. It will do in a pinch. Besides, it is better and works faster than a paintbrush when it comes to covering a large area.

Paint Brush

paint brush set tools

Although a paint roller works better when it comes to working in a large area, you will still need several paintbrushes because they can reach difficult spaces like corners and joints.

Drill Bits

types of drill bits tools

These tools help you make pilot holes and keep the screws stay flush. But you better use some magnet to keep them unscattered.

Utility Knife

shed roof cutter

You are going to use this shed building tool to cut asphalt shingles as well as roofing paper quickly and smoothly.

Power Screwdriver

electric screwdrivers

A screwdriver will make the construction process much easier and faster. But, you should choose the cordless one with a compact design to reach awkward spaces.

Reciprocating Hand Saw

electric hand saw tools

Cutting the boards with a manual hand saw can be frustrating and exhausting. Use this alternative, instead. It can do better than the traditional one.

Finishing Hammer

finishing builiding tool

This shed building tool has a smooth head that prevents the wood from denting.

Miter Saw

mitter saw

A miter saw is a great tool that helps you cut at a certain angle.

Framing Nailer

pneumatic framing nailer tool

With this shed building tool, you can install framing and siding more quickly and precisely without breaking a sweat.

Nail Punch Set Tool

nail punch set

For a better and smoother finish, try using this nail punch tool. It can set the nail heads below the surface of the board.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Besides the powerful shed tools, you still also need to have the first aid kit in your list. Although your equipment can be quite safe, it still entails kickbacks. Be carefully prepared for a bad situation is necessary.

Now you know what to purchase when you are in a hardware store. Do not forget to have the first aid kit, too. Just in case. And lastly, don’t forget to store it neatly if you don’t want to lose it someday.

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