8 Alluring Shade Sails Ideas for Any Occasion

It is always great to spend your time in the backyard when summer comes. The only thing that makes it seem daunting is the glaring sun. Do not let the heat hinder you from relaxing outside because these shade sails ideas would have your back.

What are Shade Sails?

triangle shade sail installation

Before learning some fabulous shade sails ideas, you had better know about what it is.

As the name suggests, it looks like the one that you can see on a ship or boat. It is a flexible fabric that can be stretched between sail shade pole so that you can get sufficient protection from the glaring sun.

Shade sails come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. They can be triangular or rectangular. Therefore, they can make a great shade for outdoor living space and a restaurant.

Besides being stretched between the anchors, some shade sails ideas are used along with a patio, pergola, or outdoor umbrella, which makes them quite versatile.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Shade Sails?

rectangle shade sail

You have come across a lot of shade sails ideas near you. Now, you might be wondering how much it will cost to install one in your backyard.

The cost that you are going to spend when installing a shade sail will depend on the size of it. For example, installing a 16’ x 20’ will set you back approximately $250 for all the supplies and materials.

Here is the price list of the materials and supplies that you are going to need to make the shade sails ideas tangible :

  • 16’ x 20’ shade sail – $75 (If you are going to purchase a smaller one, it is supposed to be cheaper than this one)
  • Hardware – $23
  • Carabiners – $14
  • Posts – $80
  • Rope – $24
  • Forms – $20
  • Gravel and concrete – $10

You may notice that an outdoor umbrella will cost you less than this one. Keep in mind that this is the cost of a large shade sail, which is bigger than an umbrella. So, it is worth it.

Shade Sail Installation

green rectangle shade sails

If you have all the materials, supplies, and shade sails ideas already, now it is time for you to install it.

STEP 1 : Install The Posts

shade sail installation with aluminium post

First, you need to do some kind of measurement to know where the posts should be installed. You do not have to use a yardstick or roller tape measure to do that, though.

You just need to lay your shade sail on the ground and place a stake 2 feet away from each tip of the sail. Mark them because these locations are where you are going to install the posts.

After that, dig a hole for the cement forms. It has to be at least 2 feet deep and pretty wide.

Using the cement forms is not a compulsory thing, though. If you decide not to use them, you can just dig the holes about one foot wide and 2 feet deep.

Next, place the form inside the hole. Make sure it fits snugly. Put the 4×4 post on top of it, then pour 2-3 inches of gravel to make the base. Do the same thing with the remaining posts. Level and secure them in place with several scrap boards.

Once the concrete is dry already, remove the form of it and fill in remaining space with more dirt until it is completely covered and firm.

You can also use a building as the anchor point. If you opt for this idea, make sure that the distance between the wall or fence and the points is about 1 foot. You will also have to screw in eyehooks.

STEP 2: Attach the Shade Sails to the Pole

turnbuckle sails connector

After all the posts are up, you need to install the anchor hardware to the diamond eye pad that has been attached to each pole.

After that, take a rope and tie a loop knot on one end of it because you are going to attach it to the shade sail using a carabineer.

Next, unfold the shade sail, and tie the other two sides with a loop knot. Hook the turnbuckle to the rope as well as the eye pad hardware. Do not forget to tighten the sail when installed.

Don’t worry! You can tighten the turnbuckle later using screws.

Shade Sails Ideas

Installing shade sails is not an impossible mission, right? Now it is time for you to picture the layout that you wish to display.

The layouts are varied depending on the size of your backyard and the style that you want to carve out. If you have not decided yet, take a look at these shade sails ideas that might inspire you.

Overlapping Each Other

overlapping double diy shade sail

Did you know this material comes in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes? It is good news, isn’t it? It means you have a lot of shade sails ideas that you can choose from. This one is a good example.

This shade sail idea would be suitable for a contemporary or modern house due to its monochromatic color. It even matches the exterior of this backyard that uses black and white hues.

The shade is made of two elastic fabrics that overlap one another, creating a unique as well as an aesthetic pattern.

Enjoy Swimming

sun shade above swimming pool

Swimming in the summer is a great thing to do. However, the glaring sun will make you reluctant to spend your time in the pool.

Do not let the sun seize the fun. You can always use this shade sail idea to overcome this problem.

This swimming pool seems to be the best place to relax despite the hot summer days, thanks to the shade sails that protect it from the glaring sun.

The shade is constructed from two rectangular shade sails that have been stretched so that they form trapezoids. They come in yellow and red, which adds more colors to space.

A Rainbow Above the Deck

colorful triangle shade sails

Why do you have to stick to one color if you can have more than one?

This shade sail idea has shown you that using more than one triangular fabrics with different colors to cover a small deck is not a bad idea. It is terrific!

You can implement this shade sail idea in your patio or deck if you wish to have sufficient shades without blocking the sun completely. By implementing this layout, you can get subtle warmth and natural light.

Also, you can go with one color hue if you are into uniformity. But you can always use various colors of your choice to jazz up your plain deck or patio.

Privacy Screen

vertical screen shade

Shade sails are quite versatile. They not only replace the job of a canopy or corrugated metal sheet but also become a great privacy screen that can hold a peeping Tom at bay.

This shade sail idea allows you to enjoy your family time outdoor without worrying about the inquisitive neighbors. You just need to purchase some rectangular ones, then stretch them between the posts to block the view.

It is such a brilliant way of adding some sort of privacy, isn’t it?

Shade Sail Idea with Waterproof Solar String Lights

sun sails with colorful string lights

The ultimate goal of installing a shade sail is to alleviate the glare of the sun so that you can relax in an outdoor living area during the hot days comfortably.

What about at night? It can probably block the view of beautiful twinkling stars. If that is the case, you can try this shade sail idea.

Some shade sails feature LED or solar string lights along the edges. They can produce stunning colorful lights. Although they are not the real stars in the sky, they can do in a pinch.

Shade Sails Ideas with Pergola

single shade sail on a pergola

Some people like to stretch the shade sail between the posts while some others prefer hanging it lose.

This shade sail idea shows you that hanging loses it can incorporate an upscale look into space. To make it tangible, you will need a pergola.

All you need to do is installing your pergola in your deck or patio. Then, hang the shade sail on top, just like the way you hang a curtain or climbing plants.

Shade Sails Ideas to Replace the Canopy

canopy alternatives

Installing a canopy in your front yard can be arduous and pricey. You will be likely to have it installed as this project entails the touch of an expert.

Instead of installing a canopy, why don’t you go for a shade sail ideas?

This front yard looks great with two large shade sails that protect the garage from the sun. You do not need an expert to install them.

As long as you have all the materials and supplies – along with a little bit of elbow grease and a weekend – in hands, you can do it yourself.

Simple Shade Sail Ideas in Small Space

simple small sun shade

You do not have to pull all the edges of a shade sail to stretch it. Hanging it loose will also look great. Do not forget to add some string lights to create a subtle nuance.

Now you know some shade sail ideas and the way to install them at home. Happy trying!

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