Easy Guides For You To Painting Terracotta Pots

The planting hobbies to decorate your home or just filling your leisure time slowly teaches you to choose the right pot for your small plants. Terracotta pots can be the right choice, especially if you like small plants for the house. Now that you have many plants with terracotta pots, are you not tired of seeing the same neutral colors? Come on, get your paint tools, and enhance the aesthetics of your favorite plants by painting a terracotta pots.

Terracotta pots are indeed the right choice for the small plants you have. Psst, if you are just getting into the plant world I will tell you that cacti, succulents, and various dry plants are in vogue (and they’ll seem never to go out of style). Terracotta pots will allow water and air to pass through their walls as well as resist soil disease for your plants. This nifty function will suit the steps for painting terracotta pots with the steps in this article.

For indoor decoration, especially in the rows on the terrace or living room, you can adapt the terracotta pots with one common color. However, what about the accompanying small plants and various rooms such as the kitchen or bedroom? How about the little cacti you use as a background when you do video-call conferences? They need to look pretty right?

Before You Start Painting Terracota Pots

diy painted terracotta pots

Before you painting terracotta pots, let’s pay attention to the following! The following points can help you avoid unnecessary things. You can also maximize this process so that the painting results will be better. Well maybe from this process you can think again about the color you want to pour

What Kind of Paint to Use On Terracotta Pots

So far, none of the paints for clay are the best. However, you can use acrylic and spray paint to paint the terracotta pots. In this project, I’ll be using acrylic paints to guide you.

How to Prepare Terracotta Pots For Painting

clay pots projects

First of all, choose which terracotta pot will be the first project. You have to clean it thoroughly. If you are using a new clay pot, don’t forget to clean it with water and scrub gently with a soft brush before painting terracotta pots. If you want to paint a terracotta pot that you already have, you can move your plant first to make sure it’s clean. Make sure you have a relatively flat, dust-free surface before start to painting terracotta pots.

After cleaning, wait until your pot feels dry before you start painting terracotta pots. You can feel the moisture in the terracotta pot when you hold it, so make sure you check all sides. You can put it in the sun to help with this drying process. This process does take a long time, before painting terracotta pots, you can leave this pot one day and one night.

Do You Need to Seal Terracotta Pots Before Painting?

About sealing terracotta pots, you can customize it as needed. If the pot will be used for outdoor use or the pot will be exposed to various weather conditions, you can use a clay pot sealer before painting terracotta pots. This will help the color as you paint the clay pots to last longer.

However, if you want the pot to change over time you can naturally skip this process. Colors that fade over time give an old look to add a unique touch.

Sealing your terracotta pot will close the pores. Remember that clay pots can absorb water well, so if the pores are closed your pot won’t breathe properly. This can also be a consideration regarding the type of your plants and how much water and/or moisture your plants need.

Alternatively, you can painting terracotta pots with primer. This primer helps your paint last too long but doesn’t seal the pot completely. This will allow your pot to breathe better than giving it a seal.

Sealing Terracotta Pots After Painting

What about the pot that has been painted? After you finish painting terracotta pots, you can use a spray-on sealer to the paint you added. This sealing function is a protector for the color you add to the surface.

What about the pot’s absorption ability? This form of sealing will still allow your pot to breathe as it doesn’t close completely. It just adds a layer to protect your work. Use a spray sealer with a matte or clear gloss finish option.

How to Paint Terracotta Pots With Acrylic Paint

acrylic paint for terracotta

Okay, let’s painting terracotta pots together. I have prepared a set of old pots that I will use. Clean it up, paint it, and add a little decoration, and there you go. You can also prepare several pots to produce a unique pot set for your plants.

Materials Needed For Pot Painting

  • Whether you just bought terracotta pots or are already stored in the garage
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Foam sponge paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint according to the color you want
  • Newspaper for pedestals
  • Optional decorations to suit your taste like threads or beads
  • All-purpose craft glue for attaching decorations
  • Spray sealer (matte or glossy)

Steps For Painting Clay Pots

The time needed to painting terracotta pots is approximately 30-90 minutes.

Step 1: The terracotta pot is ready to be painted

Like the previous explanation, don’t forget to clean the surface of the terracotta pot. After you dry it, check again on various sides. Because if you put it on one side that is exposed to the sun, not all surfaces will be creeping. It also depends on the size of the terracotta pot you want. The bigger it is, the time it takes to dry, of course, will also be more.

Step 2: Free space

drying a painted terracotta pots

Next, prepare a location for painting terracotta pots. This project requires a fair space with objects that are not around you. Remember that this pot is quite fragile so make sure your hands can grasp it properly. Arrange your workspace may be in an open space or a workshop behind your house.

Step 3: thinning your paint (optional)

Remember that these terracotta pots absorb water quickly. If you find it difficult to brush your brush, you can use this tactic. Dilute the paint you want as the base color with a little water. Here are the details :

Put as much paint as you want in the available containers. Add water continuously but gradually, approximately 1 teaspoon. While still stirring to ensure the desired consistency. The paint color will change slightly so you need to pay attention to the color when mixing it. Do not let your paint color be too thin because later the color of the terracotta pot will not be closed completely.

Step 4: Paint your pot

Well now to start the painting process. Use a foam sponge to make it easier for you to paint the base. Wait for it to dry sufficiently before adding layers. No need to get very dry, just pretend that it doesn’t transfer so easily to your hands. The area for painting is not limited, but you can get a little inside the pot so that it doesn’t look at all the original color of the terracotta pot.

How many layers do you need? Of course, this depends on your wishes. Do you want a pot that has a light color impression or are you looking for a specific color thickness? Or are you looking for texture to your pot by randomly adding thick paint? It depends on your taste.

Step 5: Decorating the pot (optional)

cute painted terracotta pots

Although this step is optional, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with the textures and colors you want to add to your terracotta pots. You can do things like add thread around the top of the pot. Or just paint on the top of the pot with thread wrapped around the bottom. You can also add words or simple initials to the pot. You can add this letter using materials such as paper, vinyl, or stickers. Or if you have a specific idea to make a mural or want to make handwriting, you can immediately pour your idea into a pot. The key is to be confident and doesn’t be afraid to paint terracotta pots.

You can also paint or make certain patterns for your terracotta pots as we attach below. You can make a simpler design using three colors Or paint with a variety of complex colors.

Step 6: Let it dry

Let your pot dry, this time until it is completely dry. Unlike when you make layers of paint, this step is necessary so that the paint on your pot does not shift or even run. Although it may be very tempting to enter your plants right away. This drying takes at least 1 day and 1 night for perfect results like the first drying.

Step 7: Cover the paint

cute terracotta paint

To ensure that your paint doesn’t slide or bleed, use a paint cap. You can choose a matte or gloss finish for your coat pot. For good results use the spray version to painting terracotta pots.

Very easy, right? With low cost and a little bit of creativity, you can make a pot according to the house design you want.

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