A Compilation Of Outdoor Plant Stand For Your House

Recently, collecting and growing several kinds of plants has become a hobby for many peoples. This activity is worth a hype again since these living house decorations are able to give refreshments for people who are spending more time at home nowadays. However, a lackness of ideas to manage these plants would only make this hobby less satisfying. Putting multiple pots of plants in the corners or only sitting them on bare floors cannot maximize their decorative function. These greeny pets may need a little help from a plant stand that will give them a better position and spotlight. So, here are some lovely indoor and outdoor plant stand ideas that anyone can make at home!

A Frame Plant Stand DIY

a shape 2 tier plants stand

When you look at this stylish plant stand from Handmade Haven​ you’ll never think that it is simply constructed from two frames that lean on each other. The white chalk paint of the trays disguises the appearance of wood and makes it look like ceramic instead. Not only do the trays look elegant, they also have plenty of space for miscellaneous tiny plants. The height and the model of trays may only seem perfect for indoor areas, but actually, these can also be a good outdoor plant stand idea as long as you put the stand under the protection of a roof.

Mini Hair-Pin-Leg Plants Stand

metal hair pin leg stand

By Brittany Goldwyn​ has made it possible for you to create a mid century plant stand in your home. This DIY outdoor plant stand idea is easy to build. You only need plywood or even scrapwood and four pieces of sassy-hair-pin legs and voila! Your plant is leveled up and ready to catch more attention.

Tall Monochromatic Stand Plant

wooden pallet plant box stand

Here is an adorable design of a plant stand idea if you need an ornament to fill the middle space of the wall. Looking slim and monochromatic in color, this tall stand plant really suits the minimalist concept.​ ​The Merry Thought​ ​can show you how to make this outdoor plant stand idea using inexpensive material such as pine.

Fabulous Golden Legs

high golden legs stand

If you want a touch of nature inside your house but still want it to look glamorous, you should not miss a tutorial on how to make this skinny golden leg stand plant from ​A Beautiful Mess. Worry not, it would not be as complicated as you might think since this project uses a premade window box. They will also tell you how to get the super pretty legs out of aluminum frames and how to secure them.

Little Boho Boxes

mini strings plant stand

For people with a great taste of art, solely putting tiny pots of plants on the table is just too mainstream. If you are one of them, you probably need mini string plant stands from ​The Lovely Drawer​. These mini string boxes can give a boho vibe on top of your working desk. For those who expect a​n​ outdoor plant stand idea, this one is also pretty to be put on an outdoor dining set. You will only need embroidery threads and some balsa woods. You can have many options for string colors to modify this DIY plant stand.

IKEA Hacks

amazing ikea hacks indoor plant stand

Wanna have a new look for your IKEA plant stand you already have? Check out this IKEA hack from ​​Sugar & Cloth. ​This DIY doesn’t need an extra effort but really turns the previous plant stand into prettier version with only acacia plates. To get this plant stand, you only have to glue the acacia wood plates to the existing plant stand. Easy and also nice for an outdoor plant stand idea, right?

Ladder Stand Plant

simple ladder stand plant

This ladder plant stand from ​The Merry Thought​ ​is very lovable for people who want to display more plant pets. This type of plant stand has extensive area in its three tiers as well as limitless vertical space for plants in lower tiers. Not only is this idea good for indoor rooms, but also can be a stunning outdoor plant stand idea in covered situations.

Golden Boho Makeover

high and sharp copper plant stand

Perhaps, wire plant stands you found in the stores never match your type. They are mostly painted in white or black and too many people already have them. Hence, DIY copper plant stands from ​​Sarah Sherman Samuel​ ​is your answer. This tutorial shows you how to turn a usual wire plant stand into a copper plant stand with boho but also modern design. The materials you need are just copper spray paint and costless cotton rope.

Tiny Desk Plant Stand

copper and wood stand

Only three main materials you need to create this good-looking mini stand plant. This copper wood stand plant can be made out of a few copper pipe fittings, some poplar board, and some dowels. Check ​​Live Free Creative​ ​to see how to make this little plant stand with minimal effort!

Lattice Stand Plant

lattice plant stand

Have you ever thought lattices can turn into an amazing outdoor stand plant? Yeah, neither have I. This DIY outdoor plant stand idea is a holy grail, it doesn’t take so much cost if you already have leftover lattice or you can also buy the secondhand. The making process is easy and simple too. Jump to ​Hearth & Vine​ ​to see how simple it is to make.

Baby Plant Rack

baby plant rack

In case you need an outdoor plant stand idea that is great for propagating plants, here is the step by step DIY from Hydrangea Treehouse​. With this stand plant, you can keep baby plants together in a safer place but still have a good environment they need in an outdoor place.

Durable Cedar Stands

outdoor cedar plant stand

Here is an outdoor stand plant idea from ​​Handmade Weekly​ which is undoubtedly durable. Made of cedar wood, this stand plant can carry your plants under the hot sun or rain without getting rotten. The website above also provides free plans for this project to download.

Box Planter

outdoor box stand for small planter

Need a box planter for your yard, patio, or deck but the prices offered in stores are too high? Why not make it your own? ​ Bitterroot DIY​ ​can give you an instruction that is easy to follow to build the outdoor plant stand idea you desire.

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