13+ Outdoor Grill Station Ideas for Your Barbeque Party

Enjoying a barbeque party with family and friends can be an exhilarating thing that you can do this weekend. However, you need to make sure that your outdoor grill station is both functional and fabulous.

Look no further as you will find good ones here.

Easy Outdoor Grill Station

mini grill station

Enjoying a barbeque party does not have to make you short on budget. You can make your outdoor grill station yourself so that you can salt away some bucks. Most importantly, it is an easy project that can be done by anyone including a novice.

Making this outdoor grill station is merely a breeze. You can even make it within 3 hours as long as the tools and materials you need are already in hands.

To make this grill station, you will need wood planters, metals, plywood, hinges, and hardware. You can use a handsaw to cut the board. However, it would take a lot of time. Therefore, you had better use a circular saw.

Another spectacular feature of this grill is it has four casters that allow it to move, which is a top-notch choice for limited space.

Outdoor Cooking Station

black stone grill station outdoor

If you happen to have a spacious backyard, you can opt for an outdoor grill station with shed. You can make it by upcycling wood pallet.

This outdoor cooking station, for example, is not only functional but also nice. It is meticulously designed to match the privacy fence that features beveled siding, which makes them look united.

The grill station also has a glossy concrete countertop that gives a sturdy-yet-stylish space to prepare the meals. It also features a polycarbonate shed that will protect you from both the glaring sun and pouring rain.

Grill Gazebo

grill station in gazebo

Are you looking for an outdoor grill station that provides a perfect space to hang out? This grilzebo will be your greatest bet.

It is like a gazebo in a backyard. But it has a cooking station, too. It also has a bar that enables you to linger over delectable food and drink.

No matter the condition is, rain or shine, you can still enjoy an alfresco lunch right in your backyard, thanks to the roof that protects you from the unpredictable weather.

Outdoor Grill Station with Built-in Fire Pit

table built in with grill station

The aforementioned grill stations are quite inexpensive as you can make them yourself by upcycling leftover or wood pallet. But if you want a more luxurious one, you can try opting for this outdoor kitchen.

This outdoor cooking station has all the things that you need to impress your guests with its elegance and luxury. The bar is made of concrete that is covered with faux stone tiles to match the floor nicely.

A concrete tabletop can be somewhat coarse, but you can always seal and polish it to create a sleek finish that everyone would adore.

The most conspicuous thing about this cooking station is the built-in fire pit that nestles in the concrete tabletop. Not only does it provide a distinctive charm to the kitchen but also keeps your guests warm.

Brick Outdoor Grill Station

brick outdoor barbeque station

Bricks are well-known for their durability. Therefore, they can make a great and long-lasting outdoor grill station.

To make a simple brick barbecue like this one, you will need to pour the concrete slab. You can use the metal grill grate on which you are going to put the steak to determine the size and placement precisely.

After that, lay the first course of bricks. Kindly dry-fit them first before setting in mortar. Once the base is set, you can continue up to the rest.

Do not forget to turn some of the bricks so that they stick out. These protruding courses will serve as the support ledges for the grill grate.

Granite Grill

square garnite barbeque station

Granite has never failed to bring in an upscale look to space. Although it is a simple one, adding this kind of material will change everything, just like this one.

This outdoor grill station is an eminently simple table with four wooden legs. What makes it look different and lavish is the black granite countertop.

A square butcher block nestles in the countertop to provide you an ample space to cut and slice the meat and vegetables without scratching or damaging the granite.

Stone Outdoor Grill Station with Corrugated Roof

rustic style outdoor grill

This outdoor cooking station looks rustic since it is made of stone. The diversity of shapes, sizes, and color hues enrich the appearance of it.

The grill station is topped with granite countertop that adds a little bit of luxury to it. To make you feel more comfortable when cooking, this outdoor kitchen features corrugated sheet roofing that will alleviate the glare of the sun.

Portable Outdoor Grill Station

portable grill station

Do not let limited space hinder you from having a spectacular cookout station. Although you do not have a spacious backyard, you can still have a memorable al fresco. To make this idea tangible, you need to make your outdoor grill station.

You make this grill station just like the way you build a table or a kitchen island. You begin with the legs and the cross pieces. Do not forget to attach two small wheels on each end of one of the pairs so that it becomes movable.

Once they are all assembled already, you can begin to reinforce the worktop and install the lower cross supports. Cut a hole in it. Make sure that the kettle grill fits snugly into it. Do not forget to make a fire-extinguisher holder so that you can grab it in no time.

You can also add some hooks that you can use to hang your kitchen utensil or towel.

Middle-East Style

middle east style grill station

An outdoor grill station is not always made of wood or stone. If a rustic look is not your thing, you can try this middle-east kitchen in your backyard.

You can make it from bricks just like the way you make masonry walls. The key point is in the tiles you use to cover the flaws and finish the look.

The tiles that you use to make a backsplash and cover the structure have to feature intriguing patterns. Curvy range hood with stained wood molding accentuates the Moroccan style immensely.

Minimalist Grill Station

romantic and minimalist grill station

If you are a big fan of modern flair, this outdoor grill station is for you.

Unlike the aforementioned ones that mostly feature rustic look due to the distressed wood and stone, this grill station features a sleek design with clean-lined edges that typically denote modern style.

This grill station features a stainless-steel countertop that is renowned for its sturdiness and durability. The sleek finish accentuates modern flair immensely.

Concrete supports the countertop, making it more long-lasting. It also has a built-in niche that you can use to host towels.

Luxurious White Marble Grill Station

white luxury outdoor barbeque station

This is another stunning idea that you can try to incorporate into your modern deck or terrace.

The outdoor grill station is made of white Marble that matches the exterior design well. The gray veins add patterns, making it look luxurious.

Four C-shaped stools line up along the grill station, providing ample space for more users. It also has a built-in sink with a faucet that allows you to wash your hands or a few dishes efficiently.

Farmhouse Grill Station

rustic style outdoor grill

This grill station offers you sufficient and efficient space to prepare delectable meals, thanks to the U-shaped design that allows you to be a great multitasker. No need to make a trip to the kitchen island anymore.

As seen, this cooking station is a good project for your weekend. It will not gobble up your time and make you broke because you will only need corrugated sheets, boards, some nails or screws, red paint, tiles for the countertop, and a little bit of elbow grease.

Grill Station with Latticework

outdoor barbeque station with sunset view

This modern outdoor grill station will steal anyone’s focus. It is made of brick and covered with faux stone tiles that add the touch of rustic look into it.

The stainless-steel grill and stoves carve out modern flair nicely. This grill station also features crisp white latticework that serves you a double-duty, which is as a backsplash and a privacy screen.

A farmhouse-style sconce attaches to each post of the trellis, providing ample lighting in case the barbeque party lasts longer until the night comes.

Lots of Lights

romantic dining grill station

Oftentimes the party lasts for an extended period if all the guests and hosts enjoy it. For this reason, you also have to consider installing some lights to illuminate the space as well as adding a subtle nuance.

This outdoor grill station has an intriguing privacy screen that adds more patterns to this backyard. Four focus wall lamps are attached on to it to highlight the distinctive charm while shedding some light over the countertop.

An outdoor grill station is more than just a place where you can cook delectable steak. If it is designed and build meticulously, it will add a personality boost to your backyard when you have an al fresco dinner or lunch, which can steal anyone’s focus.

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