16 Captivating Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Spending leisure time in the living room while watching TV can be great. But, you have to try hanging out in your backyard with the family some time? If you worry about the chilling night, include these outdoor fireplace plans into your to-do list for this weekend project.

Outdoor Chimney with Monogram

monocolor outdoor chimney

You do not need a TV if you have a beautiful night sky and a chimney that helps you stay warm so that you can relax and shoot the breeze. To make it tangible, you can give this outdoor fireplace plan a try.

An outdoor chimney is a classic way to enjoy a wonderful night. It is not an old-school style, though. This fireplace combines the simplicity of gray and black color scheme denoting modern flair with the rustic ambiance that pays tribute to the past.

In place of a wall-mounted TV set that usually hangs above the fireplace, you can see a monogram as the centerpiece. It is good, though. With the absence of a television, you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace Plans

modern outdoor fireplace plans

Nice outdoor fireplace plans do not always entail rustic flair. If it is not your thing, you can try a contemporary style that tends to be sleek, simple, and elegant, just like what you can see here.

This outdoor fireplace does not use the real flame that is produced by burning wood or charcoal, which is prone to air pollution. It uses an electric one, instead.

That fireplace features a sleek design that matches the fence and raised the bed well. Since it is an electric one, it is much easier to use than its wood counterparts.

Besides, it does not require much maintenance comparing to the traditional wood fireplace, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are longing for an outdoor activity without the hassle.

DIY Easy Fire Pit

simple fireplace design

Outdoor fireplace plans are not only about chimney but also fire pit. If you are looking for a stylish one, you can give it a shot.

This DIY outdoor fireplace is easy to make. First, outline your fire pit with a metal ring, a few stones, and spray paint.

After that, dig out it about 6″ deep by using a shovel or mattock. Next, fill in the hole with gravel. Finally, assemble the ring and stones.

Before including this outdoor fireplace plan into your garden, you need to consider several things. The fire pit has to be at least 10 feet from trees, fences, and any building structure.

Make sure the area above your fire pit is clear, meaning there are no braches or any other obstacle that can be flammable.

DIY Chimney

outdoor chimney plans

A chimney has always brought in a touch of rustic charm to any space, whether it is indoor and outdoor. Therefore, you should give this idea a try if you are into a weathered-finish look.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration when implementing this outdoor fireplace plan is you have to excavate the soil thoroughly to make the footing.

Since the chimney is going to be extremely heavy, try placing rebar at intervals of 1-2′ before pouring concrete 8″ thick.

Small Outdoor Fireplace Plan

2 doors before fireplace

If you think building a chimney is too much trouble, you can opt for a simpler one that also works like a charm.

This small fireplace looks like a chimney because it is made of natural stones stacked up manually. However, it does not have a flue that takes smoke and hot air away from the fire. It is not a big deal, though. More importantly, you still stay warm.

Rustic and Modern

rustic modern outdoor fireplace

Who says that rustic style cannot get along well modern flair? This outdoor living area has proven that it is not always the case.

The furniture and exterior design of this backyard instantly show modern style, not to mention the LED lights installed along the fence.

The most conspicuous thing is the stone fireplace that has become the center of attention due to its distinctive charm.

Modern Chimney

modern semi outdoor chimney

It turns out that a chimney can infuse a modern look into space, just like this one.

This chimney comes with a minimalist design that is one of the most significant features of a modern and contemporary style. The firebox is simple without any fancy decorations.

Unlike many other modern chimneys that feature electric flame, this one uses burning wood to produce the heat. A niche under the firebox can be used to store wood, charcoal, or any other thing so that you can grab them in no time.

Outdoor Propane Fireplace

outdoor fireplace alternative

Some people think that the wood-burning chimney is not a healthy choice. If you also think the same, try propane for your outdoor fireplace plan.

Propane is a gas-burning fireplace that is well-known for being eco-friendly. Unlike the wood and coal counterparts, it does not emit smoke and ashes so that you can get clean air.

Another thing that makes this outdoor fireplace plan seems awesome is its efficiency. You just need to flip the switch to turn it on. No more hassles with the solid fuel. Furthermore, the minimalist design would fit in perfectly with any modern house.

DIY Concrete Fire Bowl

fireplace alternative

Well, propane is quite expensive. If you are eager to adopt the chic look, but you are short on budget, you can try this fire bowl.

It comes to various sizes. This small fire bowl is perfect for a more personal fireplace that you can set down on an outdoor side or coffee table.

To make this fireplace, you will need quick-setting concrete, chafing fuel, 3 or 5-gallon bucket, grout sponge, ½ inch mess wire, river rocks, and non-stick kitchen spray that you will use to spray the inside so that it will be much easier for you to release it once it is set.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans in a Mid-Century Modern Home

grey modern outdoor fireplace plans

Although this fireplace was made of stones, it does not display rustic style at all. It accentuates the simplicity of a modern home with a little bit of bold nuance.

If you want to adopt this outdoor fireplace plan, you will need to use bluestone to build it. The firebox and top cap are made of customized steel.

The combination of bluestone and steel not only lends boldness and elegance but also makes this fireplace blend with natural surroundings well.

Blend with Nature

nature outdoor chimney plans

This fireplace becomes an epic centerpiece that offers a dramatic backdrop in your backyard.

It is made of brick that is covered with cement and meticulously designed to reassemble the look of natural rock on a cliff. This fireplace has built-in benches that flank it on both the left and right sides.

Cover It Up

fireplace with iron screen

The idea of keeping yourself warm while maintaining a conversation or shooting the breeze is great. However, with the kids and their curiosity that are wandering around it, you will not make it tangible.

For this reason, you should include a fireplace screen into your outdoor fireplace plans for peace of mind.

It can be made of anything. The one that you see in the picture is a wrought-iron screen with mesh.

As seen, the fireplace has hinges that make it adjustable to fit in with various kinds of openings so that it can cover them perfectly, and kids will not be able to play with fire anymore.

Steel Outdoor Fireplace Plans

outdoor fireplace plans made of steel

Thought it seems unfamiliar, an outdoor fireplace can be made of not only woods and stones but also steel.

This fireplace looks chic and bold due to the black matte finish of the steel material that matches the chairs nicely. It features clean-lined edges denoting modern charm immensely.

The fireplace is flanked with two steel shelves that you can use to store woods so that you can grab them fast and easily.

Portable Steel Outdoor Fireplace Plans

portable outdoor fire pit plans

This fire pit is made of steel with a black matte finish to accentuate the modern decor nicely. It looks like a farmhouse lantern with four grid screens that allows you to see the fire as well as preventing the kids to get burned.

The compact size allows it to be moved anytime and anywhere as necessary so that you can maintain a prolonged conversation either in your backyard or front yard.

Fire Pit Table

fire pit on an outdoor square table

A fire pit table can serve you double duty. It offers ample space for you to set down snacks and beverages on it while keeping you warm in the chilling night, thanks to the built-in opening that you can use to set up the fire.

This kind of fireplace usually used propane to produce the flame. It is available in many home-improvement stores. But if you want to make it yourself, by all means.

Hanging Fireplace

floating outdoor fireplace plans

Normally, a chimney stands on the ground because it is quite heavy. You even have to make sure that the footing is sturdy enough to hold the entire structure.

But this fireplace is different. It floats instead, leaving some clean floor space underneath.

This kind of fireplace is made of steel and typically found in modern homes.

Those are 16 outdoor fireplace plans that you can try at home. They come in various sizes and styles to meet your requirements well. So, which one is your favorite?

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