Setup Mini Indoor Greenhouse To Live-up Your Apartment

Do you live in a small apartment? Or in a house with narrow space and minimal light? These factors may make you reluctant to care for indoor plants. But don’t worry, we are here to offer you an alternative to a mini indoor greenhouse. And imagine you eating something you grew yourself?

Let’s take a look at the most important things to watch out for when growing plants in your mini indoor greenhouse!

Choosing What to Grow

indoor house plant

About plants type, you don’t need to worry because almost any plant you can think of can be planted in this mini indoor greenhouse. Maybe what needs attention is the size of your plant. Furthermore, let’s look at the types of plants that you can plant.


Next time you don’t need to worry about cooking but run out of herbs. You can plant the herbs you want and adjust it to the type of food you want. You can plant oregano, parsley, rosemary, or thyme to cook your favorite pasta. When you have guests, you can show off your cooking techniques while cutting herbs straight from the tree. Fancy, right?

Salad Greens

Do you have a goal to start a healthy life? Make sure the salad you consume is guaranteed quality! You can grow easy-to-live herbs such as lettuce, cherry tomatoes, or other plants that you often add to your salad bowl. Of course, because of personal supervision, you can ensure its quality and free of pesticides!


Didn’t fruit grow from a big tree? Well, don’t forget that there are lots of fruit with small trees that can be planted in mini indoor greenhouses that you can enjoy. Indeed, its growth requires a lot of time and of course patience before it bears fruit. But just wait for the results will be worth it!

For example, you can start planting strawberries with seeds that you find mostly in the fruit. This fruit is perfect if you want to grow it indoors as it doesn’t take up much room to grow. In addition, when you compare it to other fruits, strawberries are relatively fast to bear fruit. Imagine fresh strawberries for your snack, yum!

The Basic of Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Now let’s prepare what the prospective plants need. There are different types of plants with different needs. Here we summarize the basic things you can prepare for growing plants in a mini indoor greenhouse :

Soil and Fertilizer

As with any plant, you need soil and fertilizer. Find fertilizer in a sack or small size and only use it sparingly. Plants also require replacement or addition of this soil and fertilizer as a constant source of nutrition for their growth and development. Don’t forget to provide a variety of fertilizers so that your plants don’t overdo it with just one type of fertilizer.


When it comes to mini indoor greenhouses, you have to choose the right tray. The right tray in this context is one with a hole for draining water for your plants. This is necessary for rooted plants to get their water consumption. The selection of the wrong tray can kill your plants even within days.


Lights do not have to be prepared compulsorily in making a mini indoor greenhouse. Check your room for sufficient light from your windows or on your balcony. Try placing your mini indoor greenhouse in that area first. If the area is sufficient to meet the plant’s light needs, you can leave it alone. But if you live in a closed room or your building is closed off by your neighbor’s building (I know this sucks) then you can trick your plant with lights.

Use artificial lighting in the form of lights that you manually install and watch your plants grow. Adjust the light and distance so that it doesn’t dry out the plants and all the plants can enjoy the light. Prepare at least 6 inches from your plants.


Remember that our goal in making a mini indoor greenhouse is to maintain the temperature of the plants. This can be a boomerang if we don’t pay attention to the temperature in the greenhouse itself. Get a thermometer and measure the temperature and humidity in your plants every now and then. Watch for signs of exposure to excessive heat or moisture so as not to kill your plants.

Mini Indoor Greenhouse Maintenance

taking care of mini indoor greenhouse

Before buying a set greenhouse, what should be prepared? Check out the following list


Of course plants need water in order to thrive. In this case, you may need to focus more on humidity instead of watering. Because humidity that is too high can cause rotting plants and fungus to grow.


The sunlight provided for the mini indoor greenhouse must be considered. Some people worry that their plants are not getting enough sunlight. Then what happens is the plants get too much exposure to the sun so the plants dry out.


Although mini indoor greenhouses are well designed for growth, your plants need to get air. It’s important to get the plant out of the greenhouse every now and then to get some fresh air. This helps your plants to grow strong.


Greenhouses will allow maximum sunlight to enter to retain heat. You must pay attention to the temperature in your plants, especially in certain weather. Check night and midday temperatures to see the extreme temperatures your plants are feeling.

Types of Setups

Of course, you are curious about how a mini indoor greenhouse is. Building your own garden in this small room is relatively simple. In this project, you don’t need to prepare various woodworking tools and wood sheets. Look for the right material to make it easier for you to build this mini indoor greenhouse. Do it carefully and pay attention to the types of plants you want to plant.

Here are recommendations for a simple mini indoor greenhouse that you can easily set up at home.

Basic Glass Geometric Terrarium

geometric indoor plant pot

The terrarium may not be a real greenhouse, but look! Very cute, right? The uniqueness of the shape and arrangement of this terrarium that caught the attention of many people and made it a trend. This terrarium can add a touch of green and make for an attractive gift idea for the closest person.

Kendal Garden Mini Indoor Greenhouse

two level mini indoor greenhouse

This mini indoor greenhouse can be the main solution for those of you who don’t have too much space to grow crops. This model has two levels which can help you to style it so that it looks neat. Pay attention to the distance between the bulkheads. If you have short insulation, the suitable plants are small plants such as kitchen herbs.

Pop up Greenhouse

pop up greenhouse garden

This popup type mini indoor greenhouse is flexible enough to be placed on the roof of your apartment or yard. You can find this semicircle model to fit more plants with various styling adjustments. You can plant different types of plants or grow seeds of plants together. You can easily open this form or close it together if you want to check the condition of your plants.

4 Tier Greenhouse

4 tier mini greenhouse

Finally, the best alternative that we recommend to a mini indoor greenhouse is this 4 level setup. These 4 levels are perfect for adding the plant capacity you want. If you already have pots you only need to put them on these shelves. The slim and upright shape allows this type to be placed anywhere without depending on the wall.

The Pros of having an Mini Indoor Greenhouse Setup

mini indoor greenhouse

No excuses

This mini indoor greenhouse allows you to adapt to the conditions of your house or apartment. If you are confused about placing this greenhouse, you can look for empty space anywhere, such as on the balcony or in the corner of your house. If you are worried about lighting, you can add additional lights.

Short Settings

As we have said, installing a mini indoor greenhouse is not complicated. The setup is fast enough, just imagine you are arranging simple IKEA furniture. Just one day of setting up an arrangement you can enjoy more than all year round. After work or at the weekend you can start assembling it. For the rest, you just need to pay attention to the little things and enjoy the growth of your plants.

Simple Food Supply

Imagine when you want a certain herb but your stock runs out? By having a mini indoor greenhouse you can avoid getting irritated in the middle of this cooking activity. Apart from growing herbs, you can also grow small fruits such as strawberries or vegetables. How delicious it is to eat your own crops!

Growth Throughout the Year

Installing lights for a mini indoor greenhouse can change everything. With this light, your plants do not depend on external factors in your room. Such as the weather factor or the laying of the greenhouse. Thus your plants can grow independently in terms of light needs.

Little Cons of Mini Indoor Greenhouse Setup

Types of plants

Especially regarding size, you must follow the rules of the apartment owner and the space available. It’s annoying but you also don’t want to plant large fruit trees like avocado but end up confused to find a space where it grows right? Therefore, estimate the largest size of the plant you want to keep in the empty space in your apartment in making a mini indoor greenhouse.


Making a mini indoor greenhouse with clear plastic may not be the best way to highlight your aesthetic. However, plastic is the best solution if you want to create your own greenhouse.

Constant Dedication

Take a look at your activities at home. If you work from home or are regularly at home for a certain period of time this may not be a hassle for you. However, when you need a lot of time to travel for days, your mini indoor greenhouse can die from drought.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it easy to start making a mini indoor greenhouse in your apartment? Of course, this convenience does not mean that there is no effort to be made. We hope this article was helpful. As stated in our article, you can take notes to be aware of when creating a mini indoor greenhouse.

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