How To Build A Shed : Guides To Help You Look Like A Pro

With plenty of time that you have during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can start doing everything that you wish you could do while you have time. There’s nothing like a super long free time like 2020. Wanted to flip over a space in your backyard into something useful like build a shed? This is the right time!

Building a shed could be used as a great place to store your hobbies equipment. You could organize your, gear, even bikes without eating other space at home. You could also use the space for your workshop to start doing something productive. Or you could even use it as a little sanctuary just to be with yourself and enjoy a little space.

Whatever you wanted your shed to be, you will find everything you need to know about how to build a shed right here. And to make it simpler, we’ve divided up the process into 11 easy steps that may pop up in your head.

Planning Before You Build a Shed

Know The Right Size

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When it comes to build a shed, you can’t just jump out there and start building. If you haven’t make a good calculation of your space size and building shed size, you could waste your time, money, and energy creating something that doesn’t fit with your land size. But don’t worry you could use our size calculator to help you with the calculation.

Start the calculation by deciding the purpose of the shed you wanted to make. Are you looking to create a workshop where you can store your bike and work on it? A place to hide away from the world and indulge in your favorite hobby? Perhaps you are just looking for storage space for your lawnmower.

The best part about our calculator is that it’s completely free. The calculator also could be used to compare for another purpose that maybe that might cross your mind.

About Shed Permit

Do you know if you need a permit to build a shed? You could use the ​Shed Permit Map​ to see the regulations in your local area. Keep in mind, most municipalities require you to have some form of building permit anytime you plan to add a structure to your property.

Typically, you will need to have certain information that you can provide to the appropriate government official before they will issue you a building permit. You may also need to provide information regarding what materials will be used to build your shed.

The municipality may then need to survey the site and the neighbors to make sure they don’t object to your new construction. Not just what it is but also where it is to be located on your property. Only once all of the questions have been answered will they issue a permit.

Designing a Shed

Browse Design and Shed Ideas for Plans

Shed Design Ideas

Trying to build a shed without a series of plans is like climbing without climbing equipment. If you still insist on doing it, you can spend a lot of money because of the mistakes that you did not expect. Not only will a good set of plans help guide you to successful shed project completion, but they are also likely to be requested by your local planning commission.

Before you choose a particular shed build design, you should take the time to explore our design choices and ideas. You will find we have a range of attractive styles, sizes, and designs to choose from. We have chosen each plan carefully because of its accuracy, ease of construction, and structural integrity.

You do not want to end up stressed with a mountain of wood that is not useful because it does not fit with your shed, right?

Build a Shed Kit?

Shed Kit Ideas
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Various kits are ready to install on the market, which might also interest you. Ranging from small garden shed kits that are perfect for storing lawnmowers and some garden equipments to some that are big enough to be considered a small garage. Of course, if you find the right kit, you can get everything you need at once. Although not including the equipment to build a shed kit and the time and patience to put it all together.

The even better news is that we have done a search and research to provide a list of the best kit offers for you. Simply browse through our selection of useful resources to answer your questions, then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Building a Shed From Scratch

Which Types of Shed Building Foundation?

How to Build a Shed Foundation
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After determining the size and purpose of building a shed, the next thing to consider is the foundation. You can’t just place your shed directly in the free lot in your backyard. This can cause disaster and make your shed unable to last more than a few years. You have to decide what it’s going to sit on long before you start building.

If you are not sure whether you should pour concrete foundations, build shed wooden foundations, or even how to build a shed foundation, we can help. Here we have the guide to determine which the right foundation for free. A list of 6 top types of foundation along with various alternative information for each type. We have also listed the pros and cons of each to help you decide which type best suits your budget and needs.

Start to Build Your New Shed

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After learning the basics, now is the time to do it!

If you have built your own house before, this process should be able to run smoothly. But, what about those who have never built anything such as built a shed or other types of buildings? No worries, this is not a problem nor a reason to discourage you. As long as you can swing a hammer, tighten a screw, and maybe use a power saw.

If you are new to construction, you should spend time reading the guide and watching the video before you begin. Thus, you can do it well without spending time and effort.

About Shed Roof Building

In building a shed, the roof must be considered to keep our valuables from outside interference. It keeps the humidity in the room and stabilize the building.

It contains everything you need to know from which materials are the best in your area. Including how to handle snow loads and how to frame by yourself.

Build a Security Shed

Your Shed Security

security shed

So far you have chosen the right size, laid the foundation, and completed construction. Almostready to load your things. Then, what about the security of your goods? If you live in a neighborhood with good neighbors, you might not need to worry much. But of course, it doesn’t hurt to be on guard right? So before you start moving your equipment, let’s prepare a security plan that suits your needs building.

In this article, we will discuss some shed security alternatives such as preparing a padlock to lock your shed’s door. We will also provide recommendations for the best alarms on the market with a price range below $ 100. Nobody ever says you have to spend a lot of money to protect yourself from potential thieves, you just have to be clever to install your security.

Customizing a Shed

What About Lights & Power of Your Shed?

Shed decoration

Do you plan to work in your new shed at night? If the answer is yes, that means you will need to wire your shed for electric lights and outlets. We don’t recommend running several extension cords out to a shed due to safety reasons. Not as you think, installing an electrical installation is not that complicated. However, you need to pay attention to the regulations set by the local government regarding the installation of cables in your shed.

Even though you already have the idea of building a shed, you might need a separate permit. This is done so that your work is checked by a certified electrician after you complete your project.

Important Shed Accessories

Shed Decoration

Without the right shed accessory, the shed becomes a building with no purpose. Everything it is up to you to create the storage space or workspace that you desire. The best way to decide how you will be authorized is to determine what you will do in the shed. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever the purpose of making the shed, you must install many storage options. Including shelves, work tables, cabinets, and clothes hangers.

This will be needed when you are doing activities in your shed. Of course, you do not want to move a pile of goods from your house to your new shed, right? Here we see a variety of different accessories. Along with detailed information about several different products in each category.

Shed Maintenance

Maintenance Your Shed

Shed Maintenance

Now that you’ve finished building your shed, what to do next? Sheds are an investment especially when you build it by yourself from scratch. Maintaining what you’ve built is the key to prolong your shed. If you don’t follow your build-up by investing a little time and effort in some maintenance, your shed may not last.

In Conclusion

You got some alternative to build your dream shed. Maybe you are tempted by the pre-built options, but you can lose excitement by building on your own!

There is nothing like the feeling you will get once you have completed building your own. This way you can count on it being built to meet your exact needs, something no pre-built can ever hope to achieve. The idea of building it by yourself might seem a bit daunting at first. However, you will be surprised at how easy it is thanks to the wealth of information offered here and other places. For some more information try ​here​.

If you are still not sure about this project, we suggest you start at the top of the page and work your way down. It’s a simple way to follow through with your shed build.