Landscaping Timber 101 and 15 Genius Timber Projects

Landscaping timber is very useful when you’re making landscape projects. You can find so many inspiring timber landscape that can be made from walls, fences, parks, planters to warehouses, benches, and others. The best part is you can learn how to make a beautiful landscaping timber since it isn’t hard to do so.

Before we start, have some information about Timber. Timber is a small wooden board that has a thickness of 3 “to 6”. You can buy this at hardware, wood, and other stores. You could find various thicknesses, sizes, and types to choose from. If you are looking for environmentally friendly products then it is best to ask about the chemicals used in it.

Timbers are perfect for building walls for elevated beds or for crawling your garden. You can make it so easy by making two tall stacks of wood. If you don’t have a saw or you don’t want to cut it yourself then you can measure it and let the store cut it for you. If you make a bigger wooden project like a retaining wall, you may need a building permit for that. Please, check local regulations before you start building.

Landscaping Timber Projects

And now, let’s get to it! Here we have some landscaping timber projects, designs, and ideas that could be matched with your space and taste. Get ready to be inspired and started your timber landscape project

Modern Timber Landscape Design

modern landscaping timber

For a contemporary house, you could fill the backyard as a place to relax. Use the natural color palette to make an oasis of relaxation. This space could be a place that you enjoy socially or privately.

With this amazing contemporary backyard, you can enjoy relaxing. This is an oasis of relaxation built in the urban area. This outdoor space can be used socially or privately.

Landscaping Timber

landscaping timber

Don’t stress much while making your landscape. There’s a lot of DIY projects that are easy to make and cheap.

Landscape Timber Pergola

wooden pergola

Create a lovely pergola for your garden using timber. It’s such a nice feeling when you are being surrounded by a comfortable surrounding that reflects your very essence. Design your dream look in your garden and just build it.

Landscaping Timber Fence

timber fencing
Source : Medium

You could create a timber fence for your house. You can modify the fence into a privacy walls if you don’t want to build an entire timber fence.

Landscaping Timber Ideas

landscaping timber ideas
Source : Handymantips

Another plan for your greens is make a little pot using timber. For unique look, create a small animal look like.

Easy Raised Beds Design

timber garden bed
Source : Jackson Fencing

Stacking timber one to another might be an easy way to create a garden bed. By landscaping, these timbers are heavy enough that you don’t need to screw them. But if you want to more secure, you can nailing the each corner of the timber.

Above Ground Pool Timber

above ground pool
Source : Homedepot

A unique look that will amaze your guest? Just build a pool above your landscaping timber. Add a fence for more privacy when you relax in your pool.

Landscaping Ideas

timber landscape idea
Source : Outdoor Essentials

A small garden is not bad either. Take the most of it by not placing too much thing with your collection and creating a landscape that you can be proud of!

Landscape Timber Retaining Wall

stacked timber landscape
Source : BackyardBoss

This is the best idea for you that have a sloped garden/yard. You can build a stacked timbers like on the photo above and create a better landscaping for your beloved garden.

Landscaping Timber the slope

The slope area in your house may be dangerous for your children or the elderly. For this area, you could build landscape timber steps.

timbers staircase
Source : Pinterest

The slope area in your house may be dangerous for your children or the elderly. For this area, you could build landscape timber steps.

Timber Planter Boxes

DIY timber planter box
Source : Handyman

Creating a planter box with timber is an easy job because we don’t need a lot of skill and can make your garden looks more beautiful. Build your timber and add oil to the top of it. You can even start your gardening hobby.

Timber Crib Retaining Wall

landscaping timber crib
Source : Pinterest

Another way to raise the beautiness of your garden with timber is using timber crib for rear garden. Using timber crib is also environmentally pleasing too. Place it in patio or lawn areas for the best result.

Choosing Your Landscaping Timber

Are you interested in using wood for landscaping? Then the next question is which type of wood will be used. Here are some types that we cover completely with their nature to help you make decisions that suit your needs.


Cedar is multi-purpose, light, and eye-catching timber. Not only that, cedar also strong and very durable for a long time


If you want to use a timber on the ground, you should this kind of timber because redwood is usually used on the ground.


Sapele have similarity with Mahogany, which have the best durability and won’t get rotten for decade.

How you use your wood for your landscaping timber is a crucial question that you must answer. There are several kinds of wood chosen for their beauty rather than their purposes, such as redwood, cedar, and cypress. There is also wood that is placed underground which is usually treated with pressure. This information should certainly be used by you in considering your options including the benefits and prices of various types of wood.

Landscaping Timber Prices

The wood used not only varies in color and material but also in size and price to consider. Some wood comes in 4 feet or 8 feet long. In general, the flat wooden landscape above and below, this will make it ideal to stack. Usually, there are two types of landscape wood, natural and synthetic.

Natural wood is treated or not treated. If you choose the treatment is more expensive but can take longer. If you only have a smaller budget then choose synthetic wood because the price is much cheaper. They are made from recycled plastic too, this will make them can last longer and you’re saving the environment at the same time.

Natural Treated Timbers​

Have an average cost for $400 for 50 linear feet

Natural Untreated Timbers

Have an average cost for $300 for 50 linear feet

Synthetic Timber

Have an average cost for $150 for 50 linear feet

Natural wood that usually used for landscaping timber are redwood and cedar. You Can use treated wood that is usually used for landscaping. This particular wood is treated with preservatives to prevent damage. Although, untreated wood can still withstand moisture and mildew. And you can paint the wood if you want to make it look colorful.

redwood landscaping
Source : LBMjournal

If you work on the project by yourself, synthetic wood is the best choice. This is because synthetic wood can be easily removed and installed by itself. This wood also has no chemicals, making it safer for your family and your plants.

Meanwhile, natural wood is usually more expensive because it looks better. Apart from the price, you also have to consider other aspects. For example, shipping costs. Also the cost of landscaping company services to build structures if you use them.

Furthermore, if your yard is uneven or you have a drainage problem then you should hire a landscape professional to work around this problem for safety. This service will also add costs that you must prepare.

cedar landscaping timber
Source : Pinterest

The choice of which timber you should use actually depends on your particular project. Synthetic or untreated natural wood is preferred for gardening work. This is due to the processed wood can be dangerous for plants and individuals.

Then, processed wood can be used to build benches, tables, and retaining walls. This wood also looks as attractive as the edge or path of a lawn park, and if you want to increase the appeal of your sidewalk then wood is the best choice!

Landscaping Timber Benefits

Beside adding beauty on your house, these are some other benefit that you may get from timber landscape :

Enhanced accessibility

Have raised beds created from timbers will minimize the growth of the weed. This will give you easier access to your plants.


Timber project will last longer. If you use treated timbers, that will last for several years. Meanwhile, synthetic timbers will last for several decades.

Cheaper Option

Compared to brick or concrete, this timber option is cheaper.


If you are environmentally conscious, using eco-friendly material like timber is a priority, right?

From this benefit, you need to take a note and have great planning before you start!

FAQ Landscaping Timber Ideas

Now that you know how to landscaping timber, you may wonder how to properly use them without overdoing it? Well, here we have some detailed question-answered for you :

What are landscaping timbers?

If you want to create a landscaping timber, it needs a lot and large of woods. It is usually used to support or enhance the look of your landscaping. These timbers come in many different sizes, types, and shapes of wood. Landscaping timber is the best option for house that have a concept of natural look.

How do you anchor landscaping timber?

Don’t worry because the process of anchoring a timber landscape is easy. First thing, read our guide to decide the right landscaping timbers for you. Next, use construction chalk to mark the area you want to lay it. And the last thing is secure the corner before you lay the timber down.

How long do landscaping timber last?

As we said, timber can last for several years if you take care of it. You need to pick high-quality options that are treated to be weather-resistant for the best results. On average, natural wood can last up to 7 years.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the area of ​​land to create a problem that can be solved, but what you get from it is what matters. When creating your garden, you have to focus on small details. Landscape wood can help you to make it more amazing.

Besides the garden, timber is also good to use when building an apartment. Or you have a project with timber that you want to share. Write in the comments to share with us!

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