16 Landscaping Ideas Around Trees : Help You to Decorate Your Garden

Do the empty areas around the tree make your garden look so dull? Here are some landscaping ideas around trees in your garden and make it more interesting to look at.

Put the Shade-Loving Plants Under the Trees

landscaping plant under trees

Under the trees is where the grass will hardly grow and leave an open surface of soil that is easy to be washed-off by rain. However, under the tree can be a perfect place for shade-loving plants like coleus to grow. The colorful coleus plants can turn the empty space under the tree into a landscaping ideas around trees.

Create Patio Under the Shady Trees

patio under trees

The owner of this yard covers his land with a patio made of natural stone. The patio makes the landscaping around trees look tidy and clean for an outdoor dining set. To keep the environment from the heat of the sun and aridity, the owner gives round spaces for trees and shrubs to grow in the center of the patio.

Play Colors With the Mulch

landscape around trees

The reddish color of the Mulch looks well combined with a greyish rocky path. It creates an impressive contrasting color between the Mulch and rocks. The appearance of a bench makes this yard a nice place to have daydreaming and create a better landscaping around trees.

Put Wood Chips for Patio

Source : Pinterest

The wood chips separates the shady area under the trees from the green weeds. From afar, it looks like the coffee table set has a carpet under it. Not only does the wood chip decorate the yard, but it also protects the soil from water erosion.

Make a Way Through a Tree Gate

landscape around tree

This is a brilliant idea to arrange a tiny garden under two central trees by making a circular space and split it with a path between the trees. The little plants growing on a reddish mulch seems to welcome anyone who walks on the path.

Add a Bench Under a Shady Floral Tree

landscaping around tree

Size doesn’t matter, it is what this tiny garden is trying to say. You can have a beautiful floral garden with a shady place to sit on without a large area. This garden consisted of different greeny planters, several pots of red and white flowers, a bench, and birdhouse that invites tuneful visitors.

Build a Rock Wall for a Tree Growing on Sloped Land

mulche around tree
Source : Pinterest

The inclining ground may give another challenge to manage the garden. As you can see, in this picture the land is not quite flat. However, the gardener managed it by building a rock wall for backfilling the trees.

Grow Succulent for A Vibrant Garden

landscaping ideas around tree
Source : Living Designs By Linda

If the climate in your surrounding is rather dry and tropical, these succulents are perfect for your garden. Instead of planting boring greeny shrubs, you can garnish the area below the trees with different kinds of succulents. These landscaping ideas give an exotic impression in your garden.

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Basket to Put A Tree

around trees inspiration
Source : Pinterest

Feel the flat ground around the tree is too usual to decorate the garden? This raised garden bed with a basket-like wall gives a unique look for landscaping around trees. The in and out woven wooden strip creates a view as if the tree grows up from inside a basket. Beside grass, flowers can also be used for the ‘topping’ of the bed.

Layer the Center

landscaping idea around tree
Source : Gardeningknowhow

When you have no clue how to place different kinds of planters to fill the landscape around the tree, you can try this layering technique. You can organize the plants by putting the taller ones in the inner core, and the shorter one in the outer core. Not only by its heights, sorting by the color or type of plant is good to try as well.

Surround It with a Long Bench For Many People

landscaping ideas around tree
Source : Pinterest

If you like to host a party in your garden, you may not only need a table set but also this long bench where your people can sit together at one point. As shown here, the arrangement of a few chairs makes the guest gather around a shady tree and more space for seating is added by a second outer layer of bench. What a cool idea to collect people in a group inseparably.

Make It Portable with a Pot

Container gardening is a nice choice for those who don’t like a permanent gardening style. With the container, you can easily move and rearrange your plants anytime you want. The plants you have may also need a break from direct sunlight. Thus, the pots will ease you of relocating the plants.

Give a Magical Look with the Hanging Moss

landscaping ideas around tree

The white moss hanging down from a tree trunk makes the garden like a fantasy land inhabited by fairies. The way it dresses the tree with a majestic natural curtain enhances the beauty that is already given by the flower bed.

Border the Shady Areas with Uniform Flowers

landscape around trees
Source : Pinterest

In a large garden with rows of trees, the modification of the shaded area can be done by planting the same flower around each tree. The circular garden filling around every tree will give a spectacular symmetrical appearance.

Turn It Vintage with Rock Pavers

Source : Pinterest

When smooth and flat surfaced pavers are less aesthetic for rustic vintage themes you want, these rock pavers will highly match the old accent you are trying to build. Not only are these rough-hewn looking pavers blend well with old styled houses, it is also costless and easy to construct. The white flowers in the outer circle and taller planters in the inner circle bring the appearance of a garden in the old tales.

Bring the Greek Accent in Your Garden

landscaping ideas around tree
Source : Houzz

Under the tree must be a relaxing place to sit during the sunny day of summer. Therefore, the thing you need is a bench and a well decorated garden under the tree. The hanging planters and sculpted bench will add the artsy look of Greek inspired garden. This similar cement recreations are available at some DIY superstores.

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