Wonderful Landscaping Around House Ideas

landscaping around house

DO YOU have free space on the side of your house? Or even filled with weeds because it is not maintained. It is unfortunate if there is a side of the house that you see every day does not make you feel happy. You can browse various landscaping around house ideas through this article.

Your side of the house can be a perfect place for a smaller garden, a nice walkway, a place to put a small table and chairs to relax during the warm spring and summer. You might be surprised at how much you can do with this small area of your page. Here are 23 great landscape ideas for the home side for you to consider:

Little Path for Landscaping Around House

landscaping around house
Source : Saville

Landscape around house ideas you shouldn’t miss. Why not plant your garden right on the side of your house and then add some cute paving stones to create a path that allows you to roam among your flowers.

Of course you can add a garden along the side of your house or other structures like your garage or garden shed. Adding a number of planters filled with your favorite flowers at the edges is another great way to add more color. When going through a long and tiring day, this landscaping around house will immediately make your day better with its beauty.

Naturan Landscaping Around House

side house landscaping
Source : Pinterest

Talking about landscaping around house ideas, you can bring new nuances that don’t exist in other parts of your house. You can add a natural atmosphere to the side of your house by making a small garden path using pebbles for a natural vibe. Along this path, you can add various choices of plants to be placed along the path as a travel companion. Add hanging plants or vines on the side of your house to add more green. Viola, this side of the house is your sanctuary for a short break from your busy life.

Pavers and Planters

landscaping around house

No one says you have to have gardens running right up against your house to be able to enjoy a taste of Mother Nature’s bounty.

Why not use paving stones in your choice of colors and cement them in place to create a solid, water-resistant surface that is easy to clean and remove snow from. You can then use a series of planters to add shrubs, bushes, trees, or flowers to complete the picture.

If you choose the right plants you may be able to take them inside during the winter months.

Grow Right Up to the Side of Your House

side house garden path
Source : Homespecially

Who would have thought the small space between the paving stones next to your house could be utilized? When you put a paving stone for a garden path, you can leave a small space in between to make a small garden. On this side of the path, you can plant class crops. Thus you can decorate your landscaping around house.

Rocks, Pavers, and Cool Fencing

stone landscaping around house
Source : HGTV

Have you ever wanted to be able to take a walk out in the woods on a daily basis? Even if you don’t live near the woods, you can create your very own ​nature landscaping around house.

As you can see, the path and surrounding gardens are made using a range of different types of rock in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Plants are added in seemingly at random and privacy fencing is used to give your side yard a more secluded feel.

Living in Perfect Harmony

paved side house path
Source : Prescottvalleynews

Do you remember a time when you thought you would never use all the geometry you learned in middle school? Look at this landscape around house. This idea is perfect for those of you fans of geometry or just want something different from the ordinary side of the house.

Pavers can be placed in almost any geometric pattern imaginable to create your own type of symmetry. Plants can be added side by side with planters, hanging window boxes, or planted directly on the ground. You can add a trellis at one end as a gateway to the park.

Pattern Landscaping Around House

paved landscaping around house
Source : Designingidea

Structured and neat structuring is something for some people, and maybe you. You can create dynamic symmetry patterns for your landscaping around house. Install simple paving stones as a patterned road that is surrounded on both sides of the park. You can add little lush plants around it. Add a few small plants to surround the paving for a natural touch while staying symetrical. This idea becomes a landscaping around house for you.

Small Garden Landscaping Around House

side house pot garden

If you have a small area, you can still use it to test your small garden. Make sure you have good soil and fences to protect your plants from wild animals. Prepare the plants that you will be planting like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, and more.

After growing big enough you can arrange it along the path. You can separate your plants with gravel paths lined with bricks to create a nice aesthetic appearance.

Shady, Straightforward, and Functional

side house paved path
Source : Pinterest

Bored with the style of the garden that grows thick and requires extra care? Having a garden in an old-fashioned style with plants and other arranged decorations, doesn’t hurt! You can organize  your garden with a straight path that directs you directly to your favorite spot with comfy chairs to sit and relax in the shade of your favorite tree.

Small gardens like this can be used to plant bushes. You can also start the gardening trend by growing vegetables and your own herbs!

Wild and Crazy

natural side house landscaping

This alternative landscaping around house ideas is perfect for those of you who want a variety of textures in your garden. You can start placing your favorite flowers and bushes. Then you can add other types of shrubs with different growth ages. Set natural stone to form a path on the side of your home.

You can add on the fence with a gate to help keep children and dogs in the backyard and suddenly you really turn your landscaping around house into something spectacular.

River Rock Landscaping Around House

side house landscaping ideas
Source : Build a Garden

There are other landscaping around house ideas for those of you who want a clean, empty space. By placing a few plants so that there is still space left in between. To decorate this section, you can place pebbles on vacant land and create certain patterns to add to its beauty.

Besides being unique and different from the usual side of the house, this arrangement also helps keep water away from the foundation of your home. The use of several small shrubs adds a touch of color and makes the area very environmentally friendly.

Curves Landscaping Around House

curve garden path

If you like curved designs, you’ll love landscaping around house ideas on this one. Create footpaths with squiggly touches. Not only that, add plants that are arranged with squiggly too. You can even use some garden space to grow your favorite herbs for use in the kitchen. Although this pathway is made of poured cement, you can use paver or gravel and achieve similar results.

Going Down the Garden Path

simple garden path
Source : Pinterest

Maybe you like the idea of ​​landscaping around house by creating a simple environment. You can open your garden by planting small trees and larger bushes. Add your favorite flowers. By arranging and adding just a few plants, you can have side gardens and paths that are much easier to care for. Be a special room for you to relax and enjoy your free time.

Troughs Make Great Planters

through garden ideas
Source : Pinterest

Do you have livestock watering troughs that are not used? While livestock watering troughs are generally not meant to hold anything but water, they have many other uses. For example, if you drill a few holes in the bottom and then coat the bottom with a layer of stone, you can turn it into an extraordinary planter that can be use for landscaping around house.

Really a great place to grow vegetables or fruits such as lettuce, cucumber, your favorite herbs, and more. The best part is that the gardens are close enough to your house so you can harvest what you need when you need it. Of course, this has become one of the best landscaping around house idea, right?

Roses Side House Garden

side house garden
Source : LandscapingNetwork

Maybe other ideas don’t satisfy your heart because of your narrow space. When the sidewalk that runs beside the house is right on the wall, you need to be a little more creative in planning your landscape. But do not worry because creating a special space in a narrow place is not impossible.

Adding a large garden that stretches far from the path to your fence and filled it with rose bushes, trees, and plants that climb the fence is a great way to create a little extra privacy.

Add a bench that can be used to sit and enjoy your garden or as a place for special potted plants. Viola, become one of the landscaping ideas for the side of your lovely house by creating its own zen garden in your narrow space.

Ferns and Hedges

natural hedge ideas

If you feel uncomfortable with the distance of your home and neighbors that are too right these side house garden ideas might suit you the best!

You don’t want your neighbors to be able to intentionally or not see activities when you are on the side of your house, right? While fencing can help keep your eyes open, why not choose a more natural barrier as part of your landscape around house ideas.

You can add Privett Fences to create privacy barriers. The advantage of this privett fence is that it grows relatively fast. You can choose how tall you want them to grow and how much privacy you want. Add it in a garden filled with your favorite fern on the side of the house and create your own special place.

Raised Beds and Trellises

side house landsaping ideas
Source : LandscapingNetwork

Maybe other thoughts cross your mind, what about the side of house that has uneven ground? Anyone who says gardens should be leveled on the ground? The raised garden bed is not only very attractive but also suitable for those who don’t want or can’t bend to work on the ground.

Adding one or more overhead trellis to your side house garden not only gives you a place to grow plants like honeysuckle, which not only smells amazing all summer but can also be used to make a beautiful shade to relax and enjoy a glass of iced tea. Great landscaping around house ideas, right?

Nice Place to Enjoy BBQs

side house garden ideas
Source : Smootlandscaping

Even when the side of your house faces a busy road, there is no reason why you can’t use some natural stone pavers to make your way past the wall of the hugging flower bed to spruce up the side of your home.

Use lots of mulch to help keep moisture out and keep weeds at bay and choose a good shade for tables and chairs to relax or eat freshly baked food. You can even create a little privacy screen with a park between the road and the road. Thus you will have a place to relax to enjoy your barbecue

Grids and Trellises

side yard garden ideas

While many people tend to like a more random look for the side house gardens path that run along the side of their home, this may not be the best idea for everyone.

In this ​image​, we see that the person has laid everything out in nearly perfect geometric patterns. Even the plants have been set in rows and in between the pavers for a more uniform look.

The trellises are loaded with creeping plants that will continue to provide shade all summer long. You can add lights to the trellis creating a unique night-time walking experience.

Maximize Your Mini Space

mini side house garden ideas
Source : Arkvintage

Don’t give up if your side house is directly opposite your neighbor’s building! you can still use it to be able to continue to create a friendly and relaxed landscaping around house to get away from everything. Make a wandering side house garden path from the front door around the side of your house with pavers and then use every inch of available land to fill with various plants. Add chairs and tables with story colors to liven up the atmosphere.

You can grow vegetables, flowers, trees, and bushes to give you the peace and tranquility you want along with a number of vegetables that you can enjoy throughout the year. Don’t forget to add a pad for one or two chairs so you can enjoy your work.

The Beauty Behind the Fence

side house walkway
Source : Pinterest

You might be wondering what if your house is very close to the neighbors? Just because you happen to live in a city where houses are almost so close you can hear your neighbors talking in their living room doesn’t mean you can’t fix the side house garden. It is enough to erect a fence that is suitable to your needs to increase privacy.

There really isn’t much need to dig in the park beside the house and along the fence with a decorative path between them.

Mix your choice of plants between plants grown in the soil and plants that need to be planted to get a little extra beauty in your side yard. This landscape is pretty enough to decorate the landscaping around house.

Amazing Overhead Garden


side house garden path
Source : Pinterest

When it comes to landscaping around house, variety is truly the spice of life. Most of us tend to think about gardening in terms of planting things that tend to stay close to the ground surface. You can add its own uniqueness to your side house garden by planting it vertically, it doesn’t hurt too right?

It doesn’t take much to add one or two trellis with vines to the mixture. This will not only add to the uniqueness of your side garden, it can also provide a number of birds with a place to build their nests, allowing you to watch them raise their families. It’s an interesting idea to enjoy the afternoon on the side of your house, right?

​Hopscotch-Inspired Side

landscaping around house
Source : Pinterest

Do you remember hopscotch? The hopscotch is a board game that we used to draw on the sidewalk when we were kids (long before the digital age) can be a landscaping around house idea. By using square pavers of various sizes placed with certain patterns, you can create a unique appearance on the side of your home. Using gravel instead of mulch helps trap enough moisture in the soil to keep the bushes under water.

This type of side house garden path is often referred to as xeriscaping because it only requires little or no additional watering, which also helps keep moisture away from the side of your home.

In Conclusion

There are so many inspirations to bring the house to a more lively ambience. As you can see, the number of landscape ideas is actually unlimited. Don’t be afraid or worry about getting started, let’s just say the side of your house is a canvas that you are free to color as you wish. There is no specific calculation that you must obey. In fact, the only thing that tends to limit what you do to improve the side of your home is your imagination and budget.

The good news is that you can always do what I do and get as much material as possible from a used building equipment store, a local recycling center, and a local landfill (make sure you have permission to enter the landfill before you enter because you can be accused of doing violation). Besides being easy, this method is also environmentally friendly to get landscaping ideas for the side of your house.

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