Start Gardening with These Top 16 Flower Garden Ideas

The expanse of land in front of your house seems a pity if it is left empty. So, let’s start gathering ideas to fill it. With the free time we are facing, you can start creating it by creating your flower garden. No need to worry about experimenting with favorite types of flowers and colors. Believe in yourself and make your interesting flower garden ideas!

flower bed ideas

What flower do you like the most? You know, a sprig that always steals your attention when you see it, or that always brings its memories? Flowers are meaningful and carry a variety of emotions when you see them. Have you ever thought of having a garden full of flowers?

When it comes to taking care of flowers, you can not be careless. Keep in mind that plants are living things that need good care and management. It’s not a difficult thing because you will also enjoy the process and love them in the end. So, are you ready to start the journey to build your dreamy flower garden?

The Beauty of Flower Gardens

backyard flower garden

The beauty of the flower garden does not need to be asked anymore. Do you often see it on your Pinterest homepage recommendations, or do you see it in montage films, or told in fairy tales with cheerful colors as the main character goes through it?

A well-tended flower bed will bring bees and butterflies to visit. Next thing you know, there will be more and more ‘little guests’ visiting your flower garden. Can you imagine how your yard will live?

Okay, without waiting any longer, let’s prepare your energy to gather your flower garden ideas!

16 Best Flower Garden Ideas

Starting to make a garden is not difficult. With a spacious land and ideas that you have just been able to produce a beautiful garden with fragrant fragrance in your home flower garden. While imagining the garden designs that you dream of, you can see the top references that we have as follows :

Knot Flower Garden Ideas

flower knot

Do you often see the green labyrinth in various classic films? You can also use your home page. If your land is not large enough, you can work around this by making a miniature flower garden knot as your flower garden

Spilling Petunia Flower Borders

pink garden ideas

If you want something simpler, you can use petunias. With petunia, you can even plant it without soil media. You will like it very much if you have a fondness for pink. Don’t forget that you also have to regulate their growth because they reproduce quite quickly.

Flower Garden Ring

circle flower bed

Create a circle on your home page and start filling it with various flower layers as your flower garden ideas. This shape will make your house look luxurious because this design is also often used in celebrity houses, you know! Besides being interesting, you will enjoy this very much if you are a perfectionist. Arranging one by one color according to the layer will be a therapeutic activity.

Flower Garden on a Truck

old car planter

Hippie vibes in your flower garden? The flower garden ideas blooming in this van will blow your mind! Place the van dynamically and arrange your favorite flowers. This idea can also be applied to any object that is not used. In addition to being unique, you also protect the environment by reducing waste and making unused objects have a new purpose.

Large Oblong Flower Bed


Make a stretch of land slightly higher than your garden and make a flower bed. Add flowers with the same growth period so they will look like a flower bed. Add one or two shrubs in the middle and become a flower bed as ideas for your garden flowers. P.S.: You can ask for professional help to make the flower bed.

Carriage Flower Garden Ideas

unique garden ideas
Source : Pinterest

Want to feel like being on the streets in Europe? Maybe you’ve seen flower carts on street reference photos. Of course, this is an easy flower garden idea for you to implement. Use carts that are not functioning to save costs.

Cinder Block Flower Garden Ideas

unique flower garden ideas

For those of you who are looking for simple ideas for flower gardens, you can use a cinder block. Cinder blocks with gray color will give neutral color so that it can accentuate the color of your flower. Besides that, the price is also quite cheap to start making your dream flower garden!

Flower Garden Bed around the House

flower bed ideas
Source : Pinterest

Use the blank spot on the side of your house to express your flower garden ideas. If the walls of your house are neutral, don’t be shy to be creative by planting a variety of bright flower colors. Form imaginary lines and plant them according to the boundaries of those lines.

Hanging Flower Garden Ideas

hanging flower

For the walls of your home, you can use the hanging flower garden ideas! Plant ornamental plants on the walls of your home. If these plants flower heavily, then the illusion will arise that these plants appear from nowhere.

Flower Garden on a Tree Stump

garden container ideas
Source : Pinterest

If you have just cut down trees to face the hurricane season, you will have little tree stumps just chilling around there, you know, look bald. But, you can give this little stump new purposes by placing some flowers there and let it grow. Now, wait until the flowers start blooming and see that stumps look alive again!

Potted Flower Garden Ideas

flower pot garden ideas

Not ready to design a great flower garden idea? Let’s start from the simple thing first: plant a plot. Planting a dip will make your beloved flowers look neat and suitable for various types of flowers. Give colors to your pot or play with one main color like white.

Flower Garden along with the Window

window flower garden ideas

Want to decorate your home window? Add a square pot and hook it to the window side of your house. Add colorful little flowers to boost your spirits when you look at the window at the beginning of the day.

Recycled Rubber Tires Flower Garden Ideas

garden flowers plant

Tires that are not used are one of the rubbish that is difficult to decompose. To make your idea of ​​a flower garden, you can use this tire to become a property you know! You can paint these tires with colorful colors and plant them on the blanks.

Palette Flower Garden Ideas

unique flower garden ideas
Source : Pinterest

With just a glance, this ide amazed us already! The idea of ​​making a palette for a flower garden is indeed unique. Look for wooden properties in the shape of a pallet then attach and plant various flower colors according to holes. If you have difficulty installing it, you can also install it horizontally. This flower garden will be very suitable for those of you who have an artistic soul!

How to Start A Flower Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re feeling nervous to start decorating your garden, don’t worry. Here have a little list for things that you must prepare in taking care for your garden

Sketch your design first

Imagine the big picture of a flower garden ideas that you have and then draw it in a simple sketch. Thus, you will get details for things you need to prepare. Or you can also ask for professional help in describing it.

Learn the Difference Between Annuals and Perennial

Annuals​ will grow many colors of flowers, and then seeds With the rapid growth, the plants also die faster since they just last for one season. The annuals also need extra attention when it comes to taking care. On the other hand,

Perennials​ have a longer lifespan, but the flowers only bloom for a few months. Even some species only last for several weeks. Compared to annuals, perennials are easier to take care of.

Consider the Kinds of Flowers You Want

Before deciding what type of flower to use in your flower garden ideas, don’t forget to know the following things:

  1. variation color of the flowers
  2. the time they will bloom
  3. size of the plant
  4. compatibility with your area
  5. maintenance they require

The Amount of Sun You Get Affects Your Garden

About sunlight, you need to do a little research on the plants that you care for in your garden. See if it really needs a lot of light for its growth or you will eventually kill your plants. To overcome this, choose the right place such as open space for plants that need a lot of sunlight or in the shade of trees for plants that like a little sunlight. This consideration is also suitable to be your flower garden ideas.

You Need Good Soil with Good Drainage

The substances in the soil that you use are nutrients for growing flowers in your garden. Prepare fertile soil for your garden. If necessary, you can add organic fertilizer so that your garden grows beautifully. In addition to the soil, you also need to ensure good drainage. You do not want your plants to die of drought and fail to realize your flower garden ideas, do you?

Flower Garden Tips and Tricks

Now you know how to get ready before you start to make a garden! But what about management? Caring for your flower garden ideas is a fun journey, as exciting as seeing the result. Here are some tips for caring for your flower garden

Keep a good number of hand tools

Pay attention to annual flowers that grow in your garden. When it’s time to die, clean it immediately to make room for your new plant. Use garden tools to help clean it. In this new space, add fertilizer to support the growth of the perennials that you have shared.

Invest 15 minutes in your garden

Other activities that you do in one day such as cooking, exercising, or working does not let you forget the flowers in your garden. Spend at least 15 minutes a day watching your garden. You can while watering or checking if there are plants that need more attention.

Keep the soil moist by watering it frequently

Maintaining soil moisture can be done simply. If it looks dry, water it. Post this watering routine for example in the morning or afternoon. That way the soil will remain moist.

Consider mulching your plants

To maintain soil moisture, you can use mulch. Put 2 inches of mulch in the first year when you plant perennials. Next, add 2 more inches every year. One season will reach 2-3 inches of mulch which in addition to maintaining humidity, will reduce the growth of weeds.

You can also use fertilizers for your flowers

As discussed earlier, if your plants look malnourished, you can add fertilizer. You can also make your fertilizer by storing organic waste for your flower garden.

And, that’s all! Now you know how to take care of your garden and also brilliant ideas to brighten up your garden. Don’t worry about putting any ideas that you have when you make decorations in your garden.

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