Fix Your Shed Flooring With These 11 Options

When you walk in the shed, what do you notice first? Do you see the dirty shed flooring? Or is there a hole in it? Do you get tired easily when working on something in your shed? Or your friend says that the table you made yourself is not a level?

This is a fairly common problem in warehouse floors. If you want to fix it, here we have some solutions for each floor problem. First, let’s look at the source of this problem

Garden Shed Flooring Common Problems

To repair and upgrade the shed flooring, you must pay attention to several things that make you able to work in the shed comfortably. The shed flooring must be strong and in top condition, so that security is guaranteed and the floor is durable so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Too Cool

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When your warehouse floor feels too cold even in normal weather, you become reluctant to spend time in your shed. The coldness of this floor can be caused by the height of the floor which is no more than a concrete slab. Don’t worry because this is a common problem.

If that is not the reason, the coldness of the floor is also caused by the space between the wooden floors. This room will store cold temperatures for longer including when you work in your warehouse. Not only when working, but you also have to pay attention to items in your warehouse that should not experience temperatures that are too extreme.

Too Hard

When working on a project, you might spend hours standing for hours on the concrete floor of your shed. The nature of concrete may be an option for your shed, but this material is not designed to stand for a long time.

If your activity in the shed is dominated by standing, we guarantee you don’t want to feel tired standing on concrete slabs.


slippery floor solution

Do you watch enough sitcoms with characters who slip on the floor? Don’t get me wrong, slipping can cause serious injury and you don’t want to experience it right? If you live in an area with high rainfall intensity, naturally the muddy shed must be taken seriously. If you don’t take good care of the shed flooring, your floor can feel damp and wet all the time. Also, this condition is dangerous for visitors or parents when entering your warehouse.

Old but Not Vintage

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How old is your shed? Or is this shed a legacy from your father or even your grandfather? If your floor is as old as the foundation of the shed, the floor may not be as sturdy as it should be. All this time the floor holds the load in the shed plus the activities you do in the shed. It might be hit by drops of rain or chemical liquid when you work. All this brings danger to the activities in your shed.

Not Level

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Do things in your room tilt? Or does the water in your glass not look flat? If this happens in your warehouse, your warehouse floor is uneven. This sloping floor is a big problem especially for those of you who use your warehouse as a workspace. You don’t want your work to tilt, do you?

Solutions for Shed Flooring Problems

Now that you know what’s make a certain problem on your shed’s floor you could go identified you shed. Is it because you choose the wrong material? Or the floor is simply too old already. Here we have several ways to solve those garden shed flooring problems. Don’t worry, you can work it out by yourself since most are not that expensive and pretty easy.

Add in your mental note, working in the uncomfortable shed is not worth your time and energy. So, let’s invest in some fixing projects for your garden shed flooring.

Timber on Top

For Pavers, Timber Frame, Kit Shed, and Concrete Slabs

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For certain floors, you can add timber to it. This timber can make your floor look beautiful and comfortable when you have to stand for a long time. When you want to install it yourself even this material is easily cut as needed.

For the thickness of the timber, the type, and how you have to work with it, it all depends on what type of timber you will use. But on the positive side, this timber can rot in a not too long time. Damage that may arise should also be considered before installing this material on your garden shed.

New Timber Shed Flooring

Attractive Options for Your Floor

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Wood will surely tempt you if you focus on the warmth that it preserves during winter. You can use this new wooden floor in almost all types of the shed, including your garden shed flooring. However, don’t forget if your warehouse is prone to termites, mice, or wood floor ants coming in, you can be very disturbed. To overcome this you have to close your wood tightly and coat it with oil to keep it clean without stains.

New Plywood Flooring Sheets

Plywood for Sub-Floor

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To renew the garden shed flooring, you can use new plywood. This plywood is usually used for underlayment or subfloor. This material has a variety of thicknesses and qualities that affect durability and strength. For maintenance, you can paint and seal it even though this plywood has a certain age. Besides, this plywood is also easily damaged if exposed to chemicals. The most appropriate choice is to cover it with other materials.

Vitage Carpet For Vintage Shed Flooring

Cover Those Small Area with Your Carpet

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If you want an easy solution that can be applied immediately, this is the answer. Look for old rugs in your home, especially rugs that are not used just because the color is faded or there are little holes at the edges. Because, no matter what type of floor of your garden shed at the moment, the carpet can hold both warmth and comfort for your feet. Simply put this carpet in the place you use most often for work. However, be prepared to have some old carpet replacement because the carpet is prone to getting dirty.

Rubber Mat

Suitable for Tired Feet

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This rubber carpet material is commonly used in the industry to avoid foot fatigue. When compared to wood floors, rubber flooring offers firmness with a comfortable cushion for standing. Also, rubber floors are easy to clean when exposed to dirt or spilled liquid. This rubber carpet has various price variants depending on quality. Since low quality can be a bit annoying, try investing by buying a good quality rubber carpet for your garden shed flooring. On the plus side, this rubber carpet can last a long time.

Epoxy Shield for Floor Coating

Coating for Hard Floor

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If you use concrete as the foundation and floor of your garden shed, you may notice how tiring it is to keep standing on that surface. In fact, over time, concrete can change the surface color so that it is less appealing.
The solution to this problem includes closing up the concrete shed flooring by tidying it up and covering it with epoxy. Epoxy is a rock layer of a kind of shiny paint that is offered in various colors. To start coating your garden shed flooring, do the following steps:

As a preparation, scrub the floor clean. Next, prepare the epoxy coating and start working it with a roller. After coating, let it dry. In the meantime, you can do activities elsewhere while waiting to dry, this can take up to several days for the best results.
Add to note, this epoxy coating can be very slippery when wet. Therefore, add anti-slip and mix it into the coating before you install it on the garden shed flooring.

Concrete Paint

Repaint Your Garden Shed Flooring

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Do you think of concrete paint as an alternative? This paint is no different from the paint of various colors with the final result mat or gloss. This paint is also no different from those used on walls or ceilings. It’s just that this paint has longer durability. However, when the time comes, it can peel and break easily when it hits something.

Also, if your warehouse is too dirty it will be quite difficult to use this paint considering the surface for concrete paint must be thoroughly cleaned.

Cement Sheet

Cement Sheet for Many Types of Shed Floorings

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Cement sheets are a popular alternative to various garden shed flooring problems. How come? You can use this sheet for various things such as concrete slabs or wooden floors. Also, the cement is moist, stable, and relatively durable.
No need to worry about insects because the cement layer is also anti-termite, anti-ant, and quite standard for fire-resistant material.

However, you must prepare to make special preparations to install it. Ranging from special tools to appropriate safety devices. This cement sheet also cannot be said to be cheap compared to other alternatives.

Concrete Resurfacing

Extra for Cement Sheet and Concrete Slabs

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Concrete floors can have a hollow surface like the moon after a long time used. This floor can also be used for scratches to the spots above. This can make it difficult for you when you’re trying to move or when you have to move things to another place. If this happens, don’t worry, you can fix it with the compound.

To apply the compound, use a self-leveling composition. Cover the floor of your garden shed and let the compound do its work by filling in uneven surfaces. Once installed, do not do the activity first in the garden shed to wait for it to dry. Wait until approximately 24 hours to set the compound to dry completely.

Checkerplate or Diamond Plate

For Concrete Floors, Pavers, and Wooden Frame Floors

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To cover the garden shed flooring, you can also use a checker plate. A checker plate is a diamond plate with a shiny and clean finish. This material is not damaged when exposed to water, chemicals, and even pests. To install it on the garden shed flooring, you must prepare it in a cut state according to the floor size.

This checker plate option is perfect especially for those of you who do various jobs with heavy equipment. Unfortunately, this type of floor can be very slippery when wet despite having an uneven texture. This checker plate is also very expensive.

Using Sandpaper For Shed Flooring

For Non-Slip Purpose

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The sandpaper is usually used on walls when working. However, do you know about using sandpaper on the floor? You can order sandpaper rolls in certain sizes for garden shed floorings. Just simply spread the base roll and stick the roll to a clean surface. Viola! You no longer worry because your floor is no longer slippery even if it’s wet and even oily. However, you also need to be careful because a floor that is too wet will also damage the sandpaper. Therefore, after a while, this sandpaper must be replaced to keep your floor from being too slippery.

Are you ready to decide?

To start fixing the problems with your garden shed flooring, you should pay attention to your living area. For starters, try to find out about the humidity, rainfall, and lowest temperatures that might occur. Also evaluate your experiences such as whether there are termites, ants, or even mice. This is quite crucial in determining the alternative you choose.

In conclusion

In doing something, you have to prepare the best for the best results. Including the environment in which you do your work. Make improvements that you need to do for productivity in your favorite garden shed.

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