15 Flagstone Patio Ideas That You’ve Been Looking For

Flagstone patio will bring you to the ancient time atmosphere when you walk on it. The natural look of large flat pieces of rock with irregular shapes cast away the monotonous view from your eyes. Moreover, it usually comes with various colors to make your yard’s floor more stunning. The warm tones it gives also makes the environment seem dramatic. Since there is a wide variety of flagstones that you can have, you may need to see these 15 flagstone patio ideas before you make a choice for your garden space.

A Tranquil Garden

tranquil flagstone patio

The choice of this garden owner falls on unicolor flagstone with wide uneven cracks of grey rocks. The rough and free cut along with unpolished texture add more natural impression for the garden which is surrounded by plenty lush plants. This is a perfect down to earth flagstone patio ideas.

Gathering Mode

flagstone patio with chairs for gathering

This patio decorates a path and a round area filled with some chairs on the edges. The flagstone is mixed well with the presence of a pergola. The narrower space between the cracks makes this patio look more neat and simple. What makes this patio pleasing to see is the well-combined stones that are mostly cut with tetragonal and triangular shape.

A Romantic Patio

romantic flagstone patio design

Why choose flat ground if you can have a leveled stage with a pair of chairs on top of it to enjoy the better view of your little garden from above? The dining set on a higher level can enhance the intimacy when you enjoy your romantic dinner there. On top of that, the synchronized color between the wall in broken white and sandstones in a light tone can brighten your mood. This can be one of the flagstone patio ideas that a couple of lovebirds should have in their sanctuary!

Once in a Blue Stone

flagstone patio with pergola

How beautiful is the blue color of the stones mixed with the orange maple leaves in autumn season. Not only are the stones beautiful, but they’re also durable during the changing of extreme weather throughout the seasons. Moreover, they look perfect for an outdoor gathering floor in circular shape and pull-outs on it. The round setting and a fireplace of this flagstone patio ideas makes it a warm place for gathering during the cold seasons.

Sandstones for Leveled Front Yard Pavement

red sandstone flagstone

The reddish effect of the sandstone works well with the brick wall to give a rustic impression to this house exterior. The elevated style of this patio frees your yard from flood and muddy ground. However, since this type of rock is porous, sealing the surface might be necessary to avoid porosity.

To suppress the budget amount in applying this flagstone patio ideas, the skirt can be built using ledge stones for the continuity, while the centre of the patio can be filled using gravel and concrete filler.

Colorful Pool Edges

flagstone pool deck

Roses are red, and the patio has more than just blue. These homeowners combine multiple colors of slate to decorate the pool edges. As we can see these different colored rocks are set in harmony, providing the pool not only slip-free flooring, but also a naturally delightful look. Such an inspiring flagstone patio ideas!

Cream and Blue

flagstone patio ideas

Here the garden owners apply mostly flagstone in creamy white color and some pieces of bluestone that makes this garden seem to be a lively place to chill in. The design looks very immaculate with the benches that are attached to the curvy wall nicely.

Curvy Front Yard Pavement

curve front yard flagstone patio ideas

A rectangular shape of a front yard pavement appears to be too common for a homeowner with a unique taste of art. Therefore, a pavement with curvy outline is a great idea to sweep away plainess from the house exterior. Not just that, the warm tone of the stones also saturate the look of this house. Such a brilliant flagstone patio ideas to enliven any unoderned house!

Rectangles in A Round

u shape sitting wall flagstone

The flagstones are cut in rectangles and set in a patio that leads to a u-shaped bench surrounding a fireplace as its central. White to greyish bricks are used for the bench wall showing that this flagstone patio ideas focuses on uniformity of shape. To avoid the dullness that potentially appears in the patio design, orange and ash brown stones are arranged among the blue and white stones.

Exotic Little Backyard

small space flagstone patio ideas

Having a small area for a backyard doesn’t really limit the creativity of this house owner to turn a flagstone patio ideas into a cozy space for intimate gathering. For the flooring, this garden uses flagstones with irregular shapes. Between the cracks of stones are given plenty of space for grass to grow to accentuate the evergreen concept given from the plants surrounding the yard.

Mediterannean Dining

large backyard hardscape ideas

Light-coloured flagstones are adorably set among the fire place tower and a waterfall in an outdoor dining place with Mediterannean touch. This setup is suitable for a house owner who likes to host a party inviting elegant guests since it serves an exotic scenery.

Two-tiered Terrace

two tier flagstone patio designs

Olive green wall featuring bright white two-tiered terrace creates an eye-pleasing exterior. The white-dominated ledgestone contrasts the dark building surrounding that consists of lush vegetation. This design is great for villas or cafes located on the hill terrain.

Glossy Copper

buff flagstone patio ideas

Yellowish wet laid sandstones not only decorated this front yard but also supported it to be an entertaining area. The large rocks flank the stairway add another perfection to this flagstone patio ideasslate,. Beside that, the layered flooring makes this yard more special for lovely invitees.

Great Vantage Point

rustic backyard patio ideas

At a glance, this garden seems to only have a couple of chairs that face the house. However, when we look carefully, this yard has a long bench for an extra seating area. The two-tiered wall that separates upper and lower ground provides an extended space for guests to settle around the fireplace. For the flooring, the flagstone used has strong color; gaudy orange and dark blue that get along together pretty well.

Le Petit Garden

backyard flagstone patio ideas

It’s not impossible to have a pretty gathering spot in a tiny garden. This garden has proven that anyone can have a minimalist design with flagstone flooring. The house owner here sets the randomly cut stones in round shape and leaves the excess land for the greens to charm this little yard.

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