Shed Cupola Plans : Should You Build From Scratch?

shed cupola plans

Cupolas is like a crown for your beloved building, it could be your house or even your shed. While it looks easy to build, but in reality it’s kinda tricky because there is a lot of component to build a cupola. You can find a pre-build cupolas, but it would be more fun if you build on yourself. In addition, you can match it with the style of your building. You have plenty of options of shed cupola plans, including building your own cupola from scratch, order a premade cupola that ready to install, or even just buying a kit.

If you confuse about which option that may be right for you, we have several things about cupola plans for you to consider and help you to choose the right one.

Cupola Definition

Long time ago, before we advent a roof and ridge ventilation, cupolas are used as a form ventilation. A lot of cupolas were built just for a decorative over functionality.

Nowadays, cupolas are no longer used for ventilating a shed. They are built just for a decorative for their shed. Even though, if we build a cupolas with the right design and good materials, our cupolas not only can enhance the beautiness of a shed, but also create a better air ventilation.

Cupolas used to built over a large hole in the chenter of a shed roof. Cupolas built to provide a lot of airflow to avoid mildew and mold that comes from plant that stored inside.

The old-school style of cupolas were build with wooden box and louvers that allows air through them while still prevent the rain coming in.

These days, cupolas have a plenty of design and various size that are more about function than form.

Cupolas have 3 main component. The base, the vents on each side, and the cap. Of course the vents is the component that work for directing air flow and sunlight. And at the same time controlling temperature and humidity of the shed or barn inside. For controlling bugs and flies, we can just add screens in the vent of cupola plans.

As i mentioned before, nowadays have a lot of variety of size and shape based on the needs of the owner.

What Shed Cupola Plans That Fit

There are 3 choice if you want to build cupola for your shed

  • Create a cupola from scratch
  • Buying a cupola kit
  • Order a complete cupola set

Which one is the best for you? Before you choose one of three option above, you need to know about several question below that you have to answer.

How Much Is Your Budget?

Of course, first thing that you have to consider is planning the budget. Setting the budget limit of yout cupola plans is crutial, unless you will end up with over budget cupola.

If you browse about cupola online, there are much of pre-build cupola.

What Are Your Skills Like?

This question is as important as the budget question. You need at least a basic skills such as ability to measure, and work with appropriate hand and power tools. Of course if you’re not have this skills, i recommend you to buying a kit or a complete set of cupola instead than make a cupola plans from scratch.

The price range of cupola you can found online is from hundreds of dollars up to several thousand, that price is depending on the materials, design, and of course the size.

If you decide to build your own cupola, you also have to make sure what is the highest price that you want to spend. And to do that, you need a set of shed cupola plans. The shed cupola plans is containing list of the materials needed of your cupola.

That list is also include all of the sizes of timber, types of timber, and quantities for each timber. And if you have done with that list, it would give you and idea how many nails and screws needed for your cupola plans.

shed cupola plan
Source : ExtremeHowTo

If your cupola plans are requiring windows, you should find the exact glass first on the offline market. You also need screens for the vent, and any other miscellaneous materials such as paint and siding. And for the better look, a weathervane on the top of your cupola plans is a must.

You can sum up the materials and tools needed at your local hardware store. With offline shopping, of course you don’t need an extra money to pay the shipping cost.

What style of cupola that fit for your building?

Fitting a cupola with your building style/concept is not an eazy job. Even there is a lot of pre-built cupolas for you, you still may not find the right cupola because the factor of cupola style is a lot (size, material, color, etc).

If you build your own cupola by yourself, you can choose the style, size, and materials of the cupola and you can have a cupola that exactly like what you want.

Pros and Cons of Between 3 Shed Cupola Plans

Type of Cupola PlanAdvantagesDisadvantages
Build From Scratch1. Definetly more cheap
2. Customizeable
3. Fun
4. Create a satisfaction
1. Took a very long time
2. Depending on your skills
Build From a Kit1. Still affordable
2. A bit customizeable
3. Not that time consuming
1. Static size
2. More expensive than build from scratch
3. Limited on size and material
Pre-Built1. Ready to install
2. Very precise
1. Very expensive
2. Require shipping cost
3. Very limited on size and style

What is the best material for shed ROOF cupola plan?

Wood/Shingle1. Relatively Cheap
2. Easy to Build
3. Easy to replace
1. Sensitive with storms
2. Easily rots due to climate
3. Require replacement periodically
Copper1. Very long lasting
2. Lighter than Wood/Shingle
3. Weatherproof
1. Relatively expensive
2. Hard to work with

The Best Place to Find A Perfect Cupola

Before you find the shed cupola kit on the internet, you better find it on your nearby hardware warehouse store to save your money from shipping cost that may spend your budget.

But when you still can’t find a cupola plan that you want, internet is the answer. On the internet you can find thousands of shed cupola plans, and not only that, you also can find the kits for supporting you to build your shed cupola plan. You can decide the style, size, and material on your favorite website. But you have to think about the shipping cost that you have to pay, because normally it’s not cheap at all.

If you already have shed cupola plans and decide to build it from scratch, i recommend you to watch this video :


There are 3 choices for build a shed cupola plans with advantages and disadvantages each.

Build from scratch is fit for you that having an enough skills and time. When you have 2 of it, you can build your own cupola by yourself and of course it will be a something that you can proud of. But if you don’t have enough time and still want something a bit authentic, you still can build your own cupola plan with choosing a cupola kit. and the last thing is build a cupola using a pre-built. This method is perfect for someone that don’t have enough time and skills but still want to have a cupola. You can find all the materials, tools, a kit, or even a pre-built on the hardware store nearby.

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