Cinder Block Planter Tips To Encrease Your Garden

Cinder block is a block made of concrete and coal cinders that usually used for building construction. The size of cinder block is the same size of a regular planter that we often see in a common garden. Therefore, if you want to have a garden that a bit different from others, you can replace your conventional plastic pot to a cinder block. Actually this trick is the cheapest way to decorate and matching the style of your house with the garden.

1. Stenciled Cinder Block Planter in The Corner

This method is the easiest and the fastest way to decorate your cinder block planter. You just need to buy a plastic stencil and one spray paint, put the stencil on your cinder block and start to spray it.

stenciled cinder block planter
Stacked Cinder Block Painted Blue With a Stencil
colorful painted cinder block planter
Red and White Stenciled Cinder Block

2. Have You Ever Think About This Brilliant Idea?

Build a garden bed with cinder block and arrange like in this photo and you will have a pop-up succulent on the side of the wall.

garden bed with cinder block planter
Cinder Block for Garden Bed
concrete block planter wall
Insert a lamp for light up the warmy night

3. Cinder Block Planter for Statue Alternative

stacked cinder block planter
Arrange The Cinder Block Vertical and put a Baby Plant

cinder block vertical planter garden

4. Touch Up Your Balcony With Cinder Block Planter

Wether it’s painted or not, just take 3 or 4 your cinder block planter and put it on the corner side of your balcony to fill the empty space and increase a natural look and decrease the emptiness.

stencil cinder block planters

concrete cinder block planters

5. Outdoor Mini Bar

cinder block planter bar
diy painted cinder block planters

6. DIY Garden Bench

cinder block bench

outdoor furniture with concrete block

7. The Next Level of Cinder Block Planter Decoration

If you have a lot of free time, you can create a mozaic on your concrete block. It looks like a hard thing to do but when you’re done doing it, it will be a masterpiece for your garden.

mosaic cinder block planters
decorating concrete block into a mosaic

8. Planter On Stairs

Take a look at these two photos. The first photo is a stairway without a planter on its side, and the second one is a stairway with a single concrete block on each steps. The Stairway with a concrete block looks more colorful and welcoming the home owner.

garden stairway without decoration

concrete block planters
Put Single Concrete Block on Each Step of Your Stairs

9. Simple Yet Beautiful Vas

You don’t have to use a lot of cinder block to decorate your garden. Even with single block like in this photo, you can create a beautiful vas an put it on your coffee table.

beautiful concrete vas
Beautiful Single Concrete Block Painted Vas

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