Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery: Before After Transformations

Life as a Hollywood star can get hectic sometimes. You are constantly traveling, shooting, appearing in public, sitting for interviews, etc. And there is one thing that every celebrity prioritizes the most. That thing is their public image. You have to look your best for the camera at any cost.

Unfortunately, we do not always possess great body structure or facial features. So what can you do in such situations? The best option everyone goes for is cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgery gossip is one thing that will always plague you if you’re famous. And there is one movie star that has got the internet buzzing with her face and body transformation. We’re talking about Hollywood bombshell Salma Hayek.

Are Salma Hayek’s plastic surgery rumors true?

Before we move forward, we need to know one thing. Salma Hayek has shut the door to all news and gossip surrounding her plastic surgery. She has openly stated that she is not a fan of the knife and such procedures. And every time a new rumor surfaces on the internet, the actress is quick to respond. Hayek has also said that she did consider going under the knife once. But she gave up because she was not bold enough to undergo such procedures. 

Despite her denial, the world continues to speculate. She is in her mid-fifties but looks 35 and stunning everywhere she goes. And over the years, she does not seem to have too many signs of aging. So what could be the secret behind her exquisite looks?

Another focus of talk is her well-endowed breasts. Her bosoms seem to get bigger with each passing day. If you don’t believe us, look at her images before and after. You can also compare her old and latest interviews or public appearances on YouTube.

We think Hayek has gotten several boob jobs. This could be the only reason her chest looks bigger these days. However, like all other gossips, the 55-year-old has ignored this one as well. She has denied getting breast implants and attributes her growing chest to menopause.

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Aside from that, the actress has also been accused of undergoing reconstructive surgery on her eyes and face. And despite the disagreement, fans and the media still think she has paid a visit to the surgeon. That is what we are here today to find out. Let’s explore this further.

Does Salma Hayek use Botox?

Salma Hayek has been under the nose of the media many times, suspecting her of using Botox. An Instagram user trolled her, commenting that she was using “too much” Botox. However, Salma quickly responded by denying it somewhat sarcastically.

And this is just one of many similar allegations that she has faced over the years. Hayek admits that she once thought of getting fillers on her lips. But she backed out at the last minute because she could not face the needles. And she owes her radiant glow and supple skin to good exercise and skincare products.

We also think Salma Hayek’s beauty is all-natural without any filter. The facial expressions are on point, and her smile is stunning as ever. Her cheeks also look normal without any signs of puffiness which results from Botox fills. And the most prominent thing is that her laugh lines are still clearly visible. So it looks like Salma Hayek did not have any face fillers. But what do you think?

Has Salma Hayek undergone Rhinoplasty?

There is another part of the face that is the focus of surgery for many influencers and Hollywood stars. We are talking about the nose. And Salma Hayek indeed came under attention for an alleged nose alteration.

To be honest, her nose does not appear to be altered at first glance. But if you compare her before and after pictures, we might get some proof. Before, her nose looked broader with a rounded tip. But after the rumored surgery, it looks narrower, and the nose tip looks sharpened.

Hayek has refused to comment on any rumors concerning a Rhinoplasty procedure. And her nose looks fine, whether she got surgery or not. Even if she did, it is not noticeable. Hence, we can say the doctor did a good job. What do you think? Did Salma Hayek fix her nose at some point?

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Did Salma Hayek get a boob job?

There is no doubt that Salma Hayek’s breasts are eye-catching. Her chest has been the topic of debate and interest for many years. And this interest has grown even more recently.

Her latest bikini pictures show her with an even bigger chest than before. She was known to have breasts that every woman had dreamed of having in the past. And fast forward a few years later, her breasts have gotten more attractive. After the alleged procedure, she looks to have increased her cup size. Many were speculating that she underwent a boob job or got implants.

But Salma owes her perfect symmetry to exercise and a strict diet regime. She also added that she has put on weight and is going through menopause. Hence, this could be the reason why the changes in her body are noticeable.

Did Salma Hayek fix anything on her face?

Hayek was spotted in public with tighter skin and refined cheekbones. Fans and paparazzi were quick to speculate that she had undergone a facelift.

One of her Instagram posts also drew a lot of comments that she has done something to her face. One user even commented that she looked “different” from before.

Thus, the speculation started to grow more concerning her facial reconstructive surgery. Some thought that her jawline and the skin around her ears looked more firm. This could have occurred due to a facelift.

However, there is no concrete information on this. Therefore, for the time being, we can say that a facelift is out of the list of surgeries Salma Hayek has undergone.

Has Salma Hayek undergone eye surgery?

Hayek posted a photo on her Instagram sporting a weird pair of goggles. The 55-year-old wrote that she was trying out a new technology to get rid of her eye bags. This gadget, called the SpectraLine EyeCare Pro, looks straight out of a Superhero or Sci-Fi flick. It is specially designed for removing aging signs around the eyes.

Thus, we know that her eye bags are receiving the proper treatment. But what about the other parts of her eyes?

Some suggest that her eyelids look less droopy than before. She could also have undergone an eye lift to achieve this result. But for the time being, we don’t think she has done anything to her eyes.

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Salma Hayek Small Bio

There are not many who would not be familiar with Salma Hayek. She has starred in several popular movies like Wild Wild West, Frida, The Hitman’s bodyguard, etc. Hayek was born on 2nd September 1966 in Mexico. And she’s one of the few Hollywood stars who had a wealthy upbringing. Her father owns an oil company, and her mother works as a talent scout.

Hayek initially started her career working in Mexican films. But it was not until she moved to Hollywood that her popularity started growing. The Desperado actress has also been nominated and a recipient of several awards.

Salma Hayek’s plastic surgery rumors have always been a hot topic of conversation. And today, we are going to take a look at whether these rumors are true or not. So, let us dive into it.

What do experts think about Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery?

The media and fans are not the only ones to say regarding Salma Hayek’s plastic surgery rumors. Several professionals also joined the conversation. Here’s what they had to say.

Skin expert Dr. Maurice Gray admitted that Hayek once thought about getting lip fillers from him. However, she decided not to go forward with the procedure because she was scared. Several doctors and surgeons have also stated on online forums that Salma Hayek did undergo surgery. However, these were just minor tweaks to enhance her appearance.

What is Salma Hayek’s response to these rumors?

Salma Hayek continues to dazzle and amaze us with her glowing persona on and off the screen. Yes, she does appear to have had a few modifications done on her body.

However, these claims are subjective. It is up to the viewer to decide what’s true and what’s not. But we think most of her is all-natural, no filter and most importantly, no plastic touchup.

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