Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Rumor: Nose Job Before After

Melissa Gorga is a reality TV star and celebrity fashion designer. She is also the wife of former New Jersey governor, Chris Christie. Her popularity has been on the rise since she joined “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” in season 4 in 2009.

The show has gone on to become one of Bravo’s most successful franchises with many spinoffs including “Real Housewives: Atlanta,” “Real Housewives: Beverly Hills,” and even an Australian edition set to air shortly.

Melissa Gorga is not only popular for her role on the show but also because she had undergone plastic surgery which gave her a new nose and made her look younger than before. She underwent surgery such as botox, fillers, and breast augmentation.  Rumors are also swirling that she has undergone a facelift, nose job, and liposuction as well.

Does Melissa Gorga Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, in 2011, Melissa Gorga was rumored to have had a nose job and facelift. Beginning in 2014, she was rumored to have had breast augmentation and liposuction. She also has been speculated to have botox and fillers done in the past few years.

Melissa Gorga denies plastic surgery rumors and has not confirmed or denied allegations of getting any procedure done.

Did Melissa Gorga Have a Nose Job?

Although Melissa Gorga has denied that she has ever had plastic surgery, she has been the subject of numerous rumors. Isn’t it true that being beautiful isn’t simple? While a co-star accused her of undergoing four nose operations, she kept her cosmetic treatments to herself until recently.

She had her nose fixed in 2016, not four as Jacqueline Laurita claims, and has spoken about it frankly. “Let’s be honest; I’ve had a nose job, but it’s my secret to tell, not hers.” She said that at the time.

“Some people might say, ‘Hey, I injected this,’ or, ‘I tucked this,’ and that’s wonderful. It’s a personal thing for me. It’s one of the few things in my life that is genuinely intimate right now.’”

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“I have kids, and there are things I don’t want anyone to know about me,” Melissa Gorga said. “That’s personal; it has to do with me, myself, and I. This was one of the things I wanted to keep private. Unfortunately, I had a terrible friend who leaked information for me

Many people think that while she appears attractive before and after the operation, that she had additional surgery done privately. However, plastic surgery professionals are not persuaded.

Dr. Andrew Miller, who has never treated Melissa, said, “Apart from her rhinoplasty, she may have had Botox in the forehead to keep the lines at bay and fillers under the eyes to make it smooth.” “Other than that, there isn’t much to mention.”

“She doesn’t seem to be in pain, and I didn’t detect any issues with the procedure; however don’t see much beyond possible Botox to her forehead since she has smooth skin without wrinkles, filler injections to her lips and perhaps cheeks, of course,’” Dr. Vartan Mardirossian pointed out.

Does Melissa Gorga Get Botox?

Melissa Gorga does get Botox injections, but it is unclear as to how often she gets them. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, she spoke about her very loose skin that was causing people to think that she had plastic surgery done on her face. “I used to have a lot of collagen and I had a very tight face,” she said. “Now I have no collagen anymore so my face hangs.”

It’s possible that even though Melissa Gorga has denied having plastic surgery done on her face, the loose skin could be a result from Botox injections used to keep those lines from forming.

However, those who have been speculating about the cause of Melissa Gorga’s facial skin issues are happy that she has opened up about being honest with them.

Did Melissa Gorga Get a Facelift?

It might also be true that Melissa Gorga did get a facelift. She did not seem to have any wrinkles on her forehead yet she looked so much younger than before. So it might be true that she had some minor procedures done privately.

Did Melissa Gorga Get Liposuction?

Rumors of liposuction came about when Melissa Gorga had photos taken for Maxim magazine in 2013 where she showed off her slimming waistline. However, she maintained that was just the work of Spanx. She said, “I never had lipo, but I am telling you, that is Spanx!”

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There are also rumors about some additional surgery she may have undergone in private. It has been said many times that Melissa Gorga took the stairs every day at work to keep her figure slim.

Does Melissa Gorga have Fillers?

Filler injections are used to create volume in the skin using hyaluronic acid.  It can also be used to smooth out wrinkles and age spots on the skin. The best candidates for fillers are people who have wrinkles, lines or scars on their face or neck. Fillers can be an excellent way to get rid of these tell-tale signs of aging.

Melissa Gorga has not commented at all on any fillers that she might have had or if she is still undergoing treatments.

Does Melissa Gorga have breast implants?

Many people are speculating that Melissa Gorga has breast implants. To this day, Melissa Gorga has not confirmed or denied allegations of getting any procedure done.

There are rumors suggesting that she had her breasts augmented. The speculation is based on the fact that her breasts size went from a 34B to a 34D.

What is the public’s response to Melissa Gorga plastic surgery?

Earlier this year, rumors began to swirl that reality star Melissa Gorga had undergone plastic surgery. While many people were quick to dismiss the speculations as nothing more than idle gossip, there was also a large group who believed that she had taken her quest for youthful beauty too far.

Public response has been mixed so far, with some people believing she is brave and confident enough to know what works best for her and others glad that Melissa is open about the decisions she makes concerning her appearance and willing to show off pictures of herself before and after any procedures done.

Whatever side of the argument we’re on we agree that we admire Melissa Gorga’s unapologetic attitude towards seriously hot topics like plastic surgery.

What plastic surgeries did Melissa Gorga undergo?

Rumors have come up that Melissa Gorga may have undergone a nose job, facelift, botox, fillers and breast augmentation. Some rumors and speculation mention she may have had some plastic surgery done.

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Melissa Gorga has been confirmed to have a nose job, and maybe she also go for a facelift, botox and fillers.

People assume that she has had a nose job because in photos from 2012-2015 she looks like her nose is thinner and she also often covers her nostrils when in the spotlight. Speculation about a facelift is due to her cheeks looking fuller and tighter in more recent photos.

Some speculate that she had a Botox treatment because the skin under her eyes is smooth with no wrinkles or creases, which makes it look like there may be injections of botulinum toxin. In some newer photos Gorga has less smile lines around her mouth, but this could be due to smiling less or just getting older.

No one really knows how much filler Gorga has had injected into her face, but it is possible she received some because she seems to have more fullness in her cheeks than before.

Some rumors state that Melissa may also have breast implants too. This is based on the changes in her bust size, which has gone from a C cup to D cup.

Experts Opinion about Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery

The experts opinion about Melissa Gorga plastic surgery is that she has had her nose fixed and Botox in the forehead. Dr. Miller also mentions that Gorga might have had fillers or botox under the eyes and to her cheeks as well.

How Much Does Melissa Gorga Surgery Cost?

Melissa Gorga is a fashion designer, reality TV star and also the wife of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. She has been part of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” since 2009.

If you are looking for an estimate of how much Melissa Gorga’s plastic surgery would cost, it can be estimated that her breast implants alone would cost about $5,000. If the rumors are true about her smile lines and Botox, then she could have easily spent $1,000 on these procedures.

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