Blackpink Plastic Surgery Jennie,Rose,Jisoo,Lisa Transformation Before After

Blackpink, which is a Kpop girl group, consists of four talented female artists. Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose have all had different rounds of plastic surgery to look their absolute best in front of the camera.

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Blackpink Plastic Surgery Before and After

Blackpink Before and After

Jennie of Blackpink had a double eyelid surgery. She had her first try at the procedure in 2012 which resulted in a slightly unnatural looking crease, however she did get better at it.

As a result, in 2015 she had her second procedure to adjust the newly-formed crease. The surgery was successful, and you can see that Jennie’s eye shape is more appealing this time around. She also had fat transferred from other areas of her body such as her cheeks and thighs to create a fuller face and higher cheekbones.

Blackpink Members Transformations

Lisa of Blackpink had a double eyelid surgery, a rhinoplasty and also had fat transferred from other parts of her body to create a more feminine face.

It is said that Kpop idols who get the double eyelid surgery may never be completely satisfied with the final result because their idealized versions are based on the seemingly more perfect double eyelids of Caucasian celebrities.

Vogue Korea is said to have once done a survey asking how many Kpop idols had undergone plastic surgery. The results were that out of all female idol stars, only one in ten had not gone under the knife at some point. These are simply facts that are hard to ignore.

After plastic surgery, Blackpink’s Jennie became prettier than Girls’ Generation Taeyeon.

Blackpink Members Cosmetic Surgery Rumor

Jennie of K-pop girl group “Black Pink” has more double eyelids after the 2015 double eyelid surgery.

During an interview on January 24 with TV Report, Jennie revealed she was satisfied with the results of her double eyelid surgery. She said, “I liked my previous eyes when I was in a girl group called ‘GLAM’, but since our debut I have been told that they do not suit my face liking this.”

Jennie said, “When I looked at myself through a mirror after the surgery, my eyes looked larger and more charming. What do you think?.”

Jennie is a member of K-pop girl group “Black Pink” who recently made her solo debut with the song “SOLO”.

The Blackpink members have had several rounds of cosmetic surgeries to get that perfect look.

The Blackpink members have gone through all sorts of cosmetic procedures from double eyelid surgeries to getting their jawlines and noses fixed.

It’s said that in 2015, Blackpink debuted with a focus on looking more innocent and cute. However, after their jaw operations they began to look much more mature and sexy!

Although she had no double eyelid surgery, there are noticeable changes to her appearance, especially to her jawline and nose which look much more defined than before.

Blackpink’s Jisoo also went under the knife for a rhinoplasty. As a result, her nose looks slightly thinner and more angled.

It’s said that this is one of the most common procedures among K-pop stars because aside from helping to make their nose look more attractive, it also helps them breathe better.

Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose are Blackpink members who recently made their solo debuts with songs like Solo, Ddu du ddu du and As if it’s your last.

Since their debut in 2016, the Blackpink members have undergone numerous rounds of cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks.

Through these procedures they’ve not only become more beautiful but also improved on their singing skills as well!

This seems to be a trend among K-pop stars who are trying to achieve the best versions of themselves with cosmetic surgeries, diet plans and even photoshop.

Blackpink member Lisa has undergone a double eyelid surgery.

The Blackpink members have gone through multiple rounds of plastic surgery after their debut in order to enhance their looks.

This is similar to most Korean idols who have been going under the knife since their debut in order to look better.

Jennie Blackpink Plastic Surgery Rumor

Jennie Blackpink Plastic Surgery Rumor

Blackpink’s Jennie opens up about her plastic surgery experience, “I love my new nose.”

At first glance, it looks like Jennie has gotten her nose fixed.

Jennie admitted to having had a double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery.

Jennie of K-pop group [Blackpink] reveals she had plastic surgery before debut.

In an interview, Jennie confessed, “I don’t know if it’s because I was young but my nose looked really big so I decided to get a nose job done.”

She looks like a completely different person. Fans are saying that this is because Jennie had gone through cosmetic procedures to get her face looking this way.

Jennie’s Transformation Before After

Did Jennie Blackpink Get Plastic Surgery.

Jennie is also rumored to have had a nose job. Her nose appears much different now than it did before her surgery. Her eyes are noticeably larger as well.

Some sources are reporting that Jennie has had eyelid surgery, but the majority of evidence points to the possibility that she wears contacts.

Jennie is well-known for her work with various makeup companies such as LG and Lancome, so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to think that she knows how to enhance her eyes.

Did Jennie Blackpink Get Plastic Surgery?

Jennie was born in South Korea on April 12, 1996. She is the leader of Blackpink and has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Jennie is considered to be one of Korea’s most popular stars with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Jennie also has other interests outside of singing, such as ice skating. She won the silver medal at the International Skating Union Junior Grand Prix 2012-2013 in Russia. Jennie has also modeled for many designer boutiques and was featured in Vogue Thailand’s July 2016 issue.

Jennie’s most popular physical feature is her lips. She has frequently spoken about how she feels that they are her most attractive body part, and she even wrote in the captions for some of her Instagram posts that “her lips were popping.” Jennie also mentioned that she would like to continue getting collagen injections in order to improve their size.

Jennie’s nose job has often been one of the most discussed aspects of her appearance. When comparing older pictures of Jennie to more recent ones, you can actually see that her nose appears flatter and wider than it does now. She is believed to have had a rhinoplasty procedure in order to fix these issues.

Did Lisa blackpink Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Lisa blackpink Get Plastic Surgery

Lisa from the girl group BLACKPINK has been spotted on a number of occasions with a rather eye-catching forehead. Could she be contemplating a forehead surgery?

Every time Lisa’s eyebrows raise up during a show, she seems to have lost at least some of her eyebrow hair. This is very typical for people who have had Botox injections in their forehead.

Have you noticed that the singer’s nose has been looking sharper and thinner lately? Lisa must have undergone rhinoplasty to give herself a more refined nose shape. It may have been done for cosmetic purposes, but it may also have been done to improve her breathing capacity so she can sing better.”

YG Entertainment, the K-pop entertainment agency that manages BLACKPINK, has been under some fire as of late. The South Korean public is accusing YG of being a “black company” because six separate idols from their roster have gone under the knife in recent months.

While nobody knows for sure whether Lisa blackpink had plastic surgery, it’s clear that her increased popularity has been accompanied by a more angular and slender nose.

This is typical of rhinoplasty, an operation that improves the appearance of one’s nose by trimming off some of the cartilage and bone.

Lisa’s Transformation Before After

Lisa Transformation Before After

Lisa has had a lot of personal changes since she joined BLACKPINK. Of course, this includes having to change her appearance. Lisa’s transformation is incredibly noticeable not only to the public but also to Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé.

Did Jisoo blackpink get Plastic Surgery?

Jisoo Transformation Before After

There is no denying that Blackpink has one of the most impressive and talented K-Pop groups when it comes to their plastic surgery team. Take a look at Jisoo for example.

The member of the band recently shared a before and after picture on her Instagram story revealing a major change in her face! Just by comparing these two pictures, it is easy to see that the singer has undergone some sort of jawline surgery which has given her a very defined chin.

Jisoo’s Transformation Before After

Jisoo is a member of the K-Pop group Blackpink. She has undergone a surgery to make her chin more defined and darker which resulted in a more oval face shape.

She also had her eyes done with double eyelid surgery to make her eyes smaller, rounder, and less protruding. Lip filler was used to make her lips fuller.

Did Rose blackpink get Plastic Surgery?

Rose Transformation Before After

Rose blackpink has had a nose job, a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty.

Her new nose is narrower and more refined, while her breasts are larger and fuller. These procedures have given Rose a softer, rounder appearance that fits the K-Pop beauty standard of what a woman should look like.

Rose’s Transformation Before After

Rose of Girl group [Black Pink] confessed to having used [cosmetic surgery] at least three times during an interview with FASHION Magazine.

It was revealed that Rose had a nose job back in 2015. In 2016, she also went under the knife to her jawbone. As a result, her face has become much slimmer and more defined which allows her to showcase that perfect smile!

Has Blackpink had Plastic Surgery?

The Korean-pop girl group known as Blackpink consists of four talented female artists, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose.

All four members of the band have had numerous rounds of plastic surgery to enhance their appearance on stage and for photo shoots. Plastic surgery has become a normal process in order to retain a youthful image.

What is the Experts’ Take on blackpink Plastic Surgery?

The experts say that the girls of Blackpink have had cosmetic surgery that has reduced their facial features to a point where they don’t stand out.

Each of the members is beautiful in their own way and has their own unique features. Jennie has black hair but her skin is fair which is unusual in Asia.

Lisa’s skin is light brown but her eyes are greenish which gives her a very unique look, so she doesn’t need to change anything about herself.

Jisoo’s is similar to Lisa’s because she also has light brown skin and green eyes, so again she doesn’t really need anything else changed about herself in my opinion.

Rose has a beautiful chin and cheek bones, but her nose was too wide. She’s done great work on narrowing it down and now she can rock any look with confidence!

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