Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before After

Bernice Burgos is a celebrity that has had plastic surgery rumors swirling around her. She is rumored to have undergone some type of nose job, facelift, botox, filler injections and breast implants.

However, there are also people who say she has not had any work done at all. The only thing clear about this case is that there are lots of opinions being thrown around on the subject but no solid evidence either way.

Does Bernice Burgos Getting Plastic Surgery?

Celebrities are not the first people to be accused of having surgery. The same can be said about Bernice. The Instagram model was frequently criticized and taunted for cosmetic enhancements.

The facts about cosmetic surgery in Burgos are as follows: she has admitted to having one publicly. She freely acknowledged undergoing several plastic surgery procedures during an interview with the Breakfast Club.

She went on to say that she wants to look her best in her late 40s, and she’s enhanced a few parts of her body.

“I’ve done a little of everything… I started with my butt. That was the first thing I did after having second daughter. I had these two dents, and I just wanted to fill them up. ” ~ Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos Butt Surgery

Bernice had her buttocks reduction in a basement of The Bronx, New York City, according to reports. She also claimed that the surgeon who performed the operation had everything properly set up in the basement.

The butt lift was the first thing Bernice Burgos ever did to her body, according to her numerous statement.

“In a basement, to be honest. She had it up and running, though, and it was a house. It was so long ago—I began with my butt. It was in the Bronx, and it was the first thing I accomplished after having my second daughter.” – Bernice Burgos

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What plastic surgeries did Bernice Burgos undergo?

During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Bernice Burgos openly admitted to having undergone several cosmetic procedures. She also said that she wanted to look her best in her late 40s and so had enhanced a few body parts including her butt. Bernice first underwent a butt lift giving her strong and toned buttocks.

The Instagram model has been frequently taunted for enhancements or cosmetic enhancements as people believe that she has gone under the knife for rhinoplasty, facelift, botox, fillers and breast augmentation at some point during her life, it is confirmed that she has done buttock surgery.

Did Bernice Burgos Had a Nose Job?

Rumors of a plastic surgery done on Bernice Burgos have been circulating for years, but there is no substantial evidence to suggest that she had one.

There are speculations about Bernice Burgos’ nose job because of her four-year hiatus, but her interview on The Buzz TV proves otherwise. She admitted during the interview that she has not had any kind of surgery or cosmetic enhancement on her face.

Bernice Burgos says she took four years off so people would forget who she was, this is why some are saying she might have had a nose job which caused her to take more time off from showbiz. This theory however has yet to be confirmed.

Experts Opinion about Bernice Burgos Plastic Surgery

She claimed during an interview with The Breakfast Club, she acknowledged undergoing several plastic surgery procedures during the interview.

There are speculations about Bernice Burgos’ nose job because of her four-year brake from showbiz, but her interview on The Buzz TV proves otherwise. She admitted during the interview that she has not had any kind of surgery or cosmetic enhancement on her face.

“I’ve done a bit of every surgery… I started with the buttock. It was the first thing I did after having my second daughter. I just wanted to fill them up. ” Bernice Burgos

Does Bernice Burgos Getting Botox?

Bernice Burgos may not be getting botox or any form of injectable for that matter.

There are speculations about Bernice Burgos getting botox injections because of her four-year brake, many people responded about her new appearance she looks a bit different from the last few years, but no confirmation from Bernice Burgos about this rumor.

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Did Bernice Burgos Get a Facelift?

The rumors of Bernice Burgos getting a facelift are untrue. Prior to this, she was speculated to have undergone rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction. Her appearance may have changed due to different makeup techniques she has been using.

Bernice Burgos Breast Reduction?

There are speculations that Bernice Burgos had breast reduction because of the rumors about her new appearance being slimmer than before, but these are just speculations at the moment. People seem to keep on thinking that she has undergone breast augmentation or reduction because she appears slimmer in the photo.

Bernice Burgos the Instagram Model has the Perfect Curves

The most important part about Bernice Burgos plastic surgery is her perfect hourglass figure, she has great curves and an overall feminine look which is what matters at the end of the day.

While rumors may still be surrounding her, Bernice Burgos has certainly shown the world what many people have missed out on all these years.

Does Bernice Burgos have Fillers?

There are rumors that Bernice Burgos got fillers after taking a four-year break, but she has neither confirmed nor denied it. Because she appears thinner in the photograph, there are speculations that she has had breast augmentation or reduction surgery.

Does Bernice Burgos have breast implants?

Bernice Burgos received a breast augmentation surgery, to solve her problem with sagging breasts. She shared this information on The Breakfast Club interview.

Since the model has been seen wearing a bra, it is impossible for her to have undergone breast reduction surgery. Doctors usually advise patients to wear a bra for at least six weeks after the surgical procedure.

When she was asked about her buttock surgery, she said that it was the first thing she focused on after having her second daughter.

Bernice Burgos got plastic surgery because of her sagging breasts

Bernice Burgos revealed that she had a breast augmentation procedure to give her breast implants, which were natural before the surgery. She said that she is satisfied with the look of her new breasts because they’re also proportional to the rest of her body.

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What is public’s response to Bernice Burgos plastic surgery?

The public’s response to Bernice Burgos’ plastic surgery has been mostly positive! Many people are thanking the model for showing other women that they, too, can have a curvy hourglass figure even if their breasts went down after having children. The public is asking her advice on how she achieved such a perfect body transformation.

Her Instagram account posted before and after photos of her plastic surgeries show various procedures done to her curves such as hip-plastic surgery, buttock, tummy tuck and booty injections. Fans just want more information on the type of procedures Bernice has undergone not only for themselves but for those who will also undergo similar treatments in the future.

What Is Bernice Burgos Response To These Rumors?

When asked about these rumors, she said, “I’m a woman. I have a butt. I have boobs. All of these things make me a woman.” Bernice Burgos also shared that her entire life changed after the birth of her second daughter. She went from having a small waist and her breasts were also proportional to her body, but after giving birth to her second daughter, she began to lose weight and her breasts sagged noticeably.

Bernice Burgos is very transparent about her life and plastic surgeries, which came as a surprise to most people.

How Much Does Bernice Burgos Surgery Cost?

  1. Breast augmentation: $6100-$8400
  2. Face lift: $8000-$25000
  3. Rhinoplasty: $3000-$10000
  4. Tummy Tuck: $6000-$14000
  5. Botox: $350-$850
  6. Fillers: $750-$2000
  7. Boob job/ Breast implants  $7000-$12000
  8. Buttock augmentation:  $5500-$10,500.

Bernice Burgos has had a boob job or breast implants, buttock augmentation and fillers are rumored to have done to achieve her perfect hourglass figure.

Plastic surgery doesn’t always show an instant result, she must have had other procedures done within the past year or so because you can tell by looking at before and after photos one of the procedures must have been done very recently for it to make such a huge difference in her appearance!

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