Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Transformation: Before After

It is undeniable that Ashlee Simpson has had plastic surgery. From the before and after pictures, it’s clear to see she’s had a nose job, facelift, botox injections and breast augmentation.

What isn’t as obvious is the speculation on how much work she actually had done. Some people believe that her breasts are still natural while others think they were enhanced with implants or Botox was used for their appearance.

There is also speculation of lip injections or cheek fillers which would explain her plumper lips since there haven’t been any noticeable changes in weight over time nor have there been any other indications of cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery.

The rumors continue to swirl around whether or not she had an eyelid lift or a brow lift. It seems as though she’s had little to no other forms of cosmetic surgery.   

What could have prompted Ashlee Simpson to get plastic surgery? In Hollywood, there is pressure from the media and general public for women to be perfect which causes them to try and achieve that by going under the knife.

The pressure for women to be perfect in Hollywood

The pressure for women to be perfect in Hollywood is something that has been around for a while. It all started back in the 1940s, when the first generation of Hollywood’s biggest stars were rising and their bodies were under more scrutiny than they had ever been before.

The public began to nitpick at their every flaw and speculate on whether or not they were naturally born that way or if they had some work done. Today, it is almost impossible for any celebrity to avoid the speculation about how natural their body is because these days everyone seems to have an opinion about how celebrities should look.

This sentiment has affected almost every woman in Hollywood with many struggling to live up to unrealistic standards which can lead to plastic surgery. Some celebrities are putting their foot down and saying no to the pressure by refusing to go under the knife. Others are having more work done than they probably should be trying to meet their fans’ or critics’ high expectations of how they should look like.

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Ashlee is one of these celebrities who has come under public scrutiny for her plastic surgery procedures which she has denied. She claims that the only cosmetic procedures she’s ever had are her nose job, facelift and lip injections. Even with these admissions, there is still speculation about her having breast implants or Botox injections in addition to fillers for plumper lips which ultimately caused them to be swollen on red carpets .

Is Ashlee Simpson Getting Plastic Surgery?

People speculate that Ashlee Simpson might have had an augmentation of her breasts. They point to the fact that she has been photographed more often with her clothes on than before.

Rumors started to fly about whether or not she is having plastic surgery when she was seen at the airport in 2010 with a bandaged nose and squinting strangely. A few months later, in October 2010, Ashlee was photographed in Los Angeles wearing sunglasses, which she never used to do before.

Some people speculate that Ashlee Simpson had a rhinoplasty to get a smaller nose or possibly a facelift to erase the lines around her mouth.

What Plastic Surgery Did Ashlee Simpson Undergo?

Ashlee Simpson underwent a nose job to make her nose smaller. She also had a facelift done to erase the lines around her mouth.

Is It True That Ashlee Simpson Had a Nose Job?

It is very likely that Ashlee Simpson had a nose job done. The main evidence pointing to this is the before and after pictures of her nose. The former picture shows her with a larger nose than the latter which has a much smaller one.

Ashlee Simpson also underwent a facelift, just like her sister Jessica did before she married Nick Lachey. Plastic surgeons say that it is difficult to tell for sure what kind of surgery was performed on her face because she looks so different in many pictures. Most people think that rhinoplasty and a facelift were performed.

Is Ashlee Simpson Getting Botox?

Ashlee Simpson has denied getting botox before, but many people wonder if she is telling the truth. There are photos of her where she looks frozen in time and others where she looks like a completely different person.

It’s very hard to know for sure what kind of plastic surgery she’s had done on her face because it appears to be slightly different in every photo. Some people think that Ashlee Simpson has had rhinoplasty and a facelift and maybe even some work on her lips and cheeks as well.

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Is Ashlee Simpson Getting a Facelift?

People speculate on whether or not Ashlee Simpson is having plastic surgery done on her face. One of the most popular guesses as to her surgery is that she had a facelift done.

This speculation comes from the fact that she has been photographed more often with her clothes on than before and she appears to be different in every photo. People think that she might have had rhinoplasty and a facelift, but it’s hard to tell for sure because of the differences in photos.

Do Ashlee Simpson have Fillers?

Ashlee Simpson is rumored to have been getting fillers. She has been photographed in the past where her face looked fuller and more youthful, but she doesn’t seem to look like that anymore.

There are many people who speculate on whether or not Ashlee Simpson has had fillers put in her cheeks and lips.

One way you can tell if she’s had fillers put in her lips is by looking at the before and after pictures of her lips. The verdict is still out on whether or not she had these treatments done, but it doesn’t look like she’s got them now.

The only thing that most people agree on is that Ashlee Simpson had a nose job done because she looks so different in most photos.

Ashlee Simpson has denied getting any plastic surgery done in the past and just recently said she would never have it done, but many people wonder if she’s telling the truth.

What is the public’s response to Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgery?

The public has been preoccupied with the question of whether or not Ashlee Simpson wears her sunglasses to disguise visible changes in her face.

Some people believe that she had a facelift and also got work done to make her mouth appear smaller. The most popular answer as to what cosmetic procedure she might have undergone is a nose job because her nose looks so different than before.

Some think that Ashlee was ashamed and embarrassed about how much plastic surgery she had obtained for herself and was trying to cover it up with the use of dark sunglasses. But others felt differently because, “Simpson’s rhinoplasty seems like a realistic choice.” There are an abundance of photos from before and after showing visible change in her appearance as well as speculation on surgery procedures.

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Understanding what causes people to get cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar industry, and people go to the extreme measure of going under the knife to have their lives changed. For these patients, anything less than perfect will not be enough.

They resort to all sorts of things that range from unhealthy dieting to plastic surgery just so they can feel as if they are better than those around them.

The two main reasons for getting cosmetic surgery range from insecurity and/or low self-esteem. Insecurity is sometimes a motivation for people who spend a lot of time comparing themselves with others and feeling as if they don’t look good enough. Low self-esteem often leads to people feeling as if they need to feel more confident about themselves, which is why some turn to cosmetic surgery as the answer to their problems.

There are many ways that people try to improve themselves. Some resort to cosmetic surgery as a quick fix for those who aren’t willing to work on their flaws and choose this option instead. Since there is such a high demand for cosmetic procedures, it’s no wonder why so many people want plastic surgery.

What Is Ashlee Simpson’s Response To These Rumors?

Ashlee Simpson has denied plastic surgery.

“I am not going to be one of those ‘look at me, I had this done,’ people.” – Ashlee Simpson

“But there’s nothing wrong with looking good, you know?” – Ashlee on why she doesn’t want to say anything about her looks that might be construed as negative.

Ashlee is very sensitive when it comes to discussing talk of plastic surgery. She is a little icy and curt when talking about having work done and even goes so far as to deny reports that have been confirmed by the Los Angeles Times. The public isn’t sure whether or not she had rhinoplasty or a facelift because everything changes from photo-to-photo whenever she’s asked about it.

In conclusion, there is a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not Ashlee Simpson has had plastic surgery done on her face and the public is bickering between two different conclusions: that she had rhinoplasty, a facelift and maybe some lip injections too.

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