Hypertufa Project

If you want to make a DIY touch in your garden, you should try these project. This project is creating a craft using a hypertufa. Hypertufa is a concrete and other element that are lightweight and also easy to work with. You can create anything you like with these project. Commonly, people creating a pots … Read more

26 Succulent Terrarium Ideas You Should Try

Terrarium is a small glass planter that usually used for decorate an indoor area. The most plant that usually used in a terrarium is a succulent. Succulent can store their own water, have a slow-grow habit, and they have millions of varieties. With those reasons, we can say that the perfect plant for terrarium is … Read more

39 ​Unique Backyard Water Feature Ideas

Are you someone with a hobby of decorating your backyard garden? Already planted beautiful flowers and planted useful plants, then what are the next activities? If you want more features in your garden, a backyard water feature is a solution. Having the sound of water splashing while enjoying the garden view with a cup of … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Roses

aphids on roses

Filling your garden with rose bushes is the best way for your vacant land. Not only are they beautiful colors, imagine standing on your backyard deck to smell them. But, its beauty can be snatched away when you encounter aphids on roses. Maybe just a little bit of your bush and you think it’s no … Read more