39 ​Unique Backyard Water Feature Ideas

Are you someone with a hobby of decorating your backyard garden? Already planted beautiful flowers and planted useful plants, then what are the next activities? If you want more features in your garden, a backyard water feature is a solution.

Having the sound of water splashing while enjoying the garden view with a cup of coffee is what makes you feel relaxed. Maybe now you have started to imagine it. However, installing a backyard water feature can be very expensive. You have to prepare funds for the pond, fountain, and maintenance! But, don’t worry because the key is the water feature design you want to build. Check out this 39 Unique Backyard Water Feature Ideas.

Garden Water Features Inspiration

Water features are very suitable for large areas such as yards to terraces. The flow of water gives a cool and fresh feel when you enter the area. With suitable placement, water features can fill empty spaces so that weeds or weeds do not grow. Hence, water features are quite popular to be installed in the backyard.

The backyard may be less place to decorate. The reason is, this place is generally not visible from outside the house so that decorating the backyard is indeed done for your pleasure. Therefore, you can explore several options. You can also experiment with backyard water feature shapes and styles that you haven’t tried before. So, let’s get into it!

Backyard Fountains

mini backyard fountain

The fountain is flexible enough to be placed anywhere, even indoors! For the backyard, use a fountain with a large container to fill in the gaps as shown. This round brown fountain is placed

in the middle of a small pond. You can add this backyard water feature to give your pool some shade.

Adjust the size of the fish in your pond to make it look more alive. You can also add plants such as bushes around the pond for accents.

Modern Water Feature Ideas

simple water feature

Don’t like rustic or natural styles? You can use modern style as inspiration for your backyard water feature in your home. Add geometric shapes such as a square as an example image. Go for a monochromatic color or some shade of grey to add a modern look and now your backyard looks like the backyard of a cool villain in an anti-superhero movie. Pretty easy design right? Add this water feature to the area or wall in your back garden.

Amazing Water Features

riverstone water feature

For a simple look, you can try this design. Use large stones for your backyard water feature. The water will flow slowly and calmly. This form will give a natural impression with a soothing sound.

Natural Stone Ponds

natural stone water feature

Looking for a way to decorate your boring pool? You can use this design for the backyard water feature inspiration! Provide natural stone in sufficient quantity according to the design you want. Then stack it randomly enough to make it look natural. You can also care for some of your plants by placing them on or around the rocks.

Best Garden Water Features

stone on a little pond

If you like previous modern ideas, you can consider this design too! If your backyard has a gap between the ground and buildings or levels, you can beautify it by building a pond with colorful fish.

After the pool is built, add a path with a checkered shape as a stepping ‘square’. Don’t forget to build this box before you put the water in the pool! Add white or black colors and have a modern side to your backyard.

Beautiful Water Feature Ideas

beautiful garden water feature ideas

For backyard decoration, you don’t need to hesitate to experiment with various expressions. Use a large decoration on the wall near your pond. For a more mysterious impression, you can add

broad leafy plants around the pond. Add a spotlight for a more unique scene at night. Of course, this will be your unique water feature.

Deck Water Feature Ideas

small canal on a deck

If you have a deck at the back of the house, you can also use this area to add a water feature. Build a small canal on your deck. Add a stream of water from a large pot to your plants. This flow of water will look beautiful as well as soothing. You can enjoy this view while enjoying afternoon tea or chatting with your friends in the backyard.

​DIY Garden Water Features

diy water feature ideas

If you already have an idea about the backyard water feature but haven’t found a design example, don’t worry because you can create your own! The key to creating this water feature is quite easy

because the tools to create certain water flows are easily found on the market. Various tips and tricks for creating specific flow patterns are also available on the internet. You can start preparing for this do it yourself (DIY) project by preparing what properties you will install.

Backyard Water Feature Ideas

garden water fountain

A little embellishment in the shape of a water feature won’t hurt anyone. If you want something smaller in size for your backyard, you can add a water feature at this level. You can add this design to the corners of your backyard area. The sound of flowing water will accompany you to relax from your busy days.

Garden Ponds

mini simple pond

If you only want a backyard water feature to complement the beauty of your garden, you can use this design. Build a pond in simple shapes with dark edges like black or dark brown. You can use this design if you want to make the hard work and patience plants in your garden stand out. Put your plants around the pond, you know which side is best. Add a few small fish to make the pond attractive.

Garden Fountains

garden spiral fountain

Not sure if you want a fountain or pond as your backyard water feature? Don’t think too much about it, just do what your heart wants. We provide a variety of inspirations for you to choose from! One of them is with this outdoor spiral fountain. Use it to beautify your garden by placing it around the white gravel scattered in your garden.

Garden Waterfalls

garden waterfalls ideas

For the pool, you can build a pool with 3 tiers for unique results. This backyard water feature is quite commonly used by many people. However, to design and build it you have to ask a professional for the best results. From the edges of these rocks, you can decorate them by letting a little grass grow for a natural-looking result.

Big Splash

big garden waterfall

For those of you who like something big or grand, this design can catch your heart! Build a large backyard water feature according to your imagination possible when you were a kid. As the saying go big or go home, you also need great care for something big. Don’t forget to take your time and prepare your energy for it!

​Classic Fountain

classic fountain

The classic fountain will always be a timeless backyard water feature. You can see examples of this design from royal buildings or ancient buildings. White colors and sculptures in the form of angels or mythological figures are used in this design. If you like it you can order this pool form from a professional.

Garden Waterfalls

colorful garden waterfall

The waterfall for your backyard water feature is interesting to consider. Besides being good for the fish in the pond, you can also experiment with height and intensity. Depending on your taste, do you want a heavy sound? Or just a little sound from this waterfall? For a more magnificent design, you can ask professional help to organize your pool.

Garden Water Features

unique garden water feature

The metal material can be a standout in your garden. Most of the furniture or other decorations are dominated by wood or stone. The existence of this metal material can be a prominent element in your garden, especially if you have a unique design. You can explore modern designs for the backyard water feature. As an example of this water wall display that can be placed anywhere.

Charming Water Feature

water jet fountain

water jet fountain

Maybe you think that jets are only used in the hot tub. You can use water jets with high water pressure for your backyard. Use it as a decoration on the side of the pool or it could be in your swimming pool. The greater the pressure, the higher the water flow.

Garden Water Features Ideas

natural garden pond

If you are still not sure which theme you will apply to your garden, you can use Under the Water inspiration. The method is quite easy. You can make a natural fish pond and decorate it. Placing a few large natural rocks at random and placing plants with long leaves for decoration. Place colorful fish, and let your plants grow big so that your garden looks shady.

Stunning Garden Water Feature

garden waterfall on artificial pool

For a charming waterfall in the backyard, you can build it quite large with trees around it. Build waterfalls with multiple levels and squiggly ponds for small fish to live in. The design of artificial pools and waterfalls does need professional help, but you can also find ways to build them!

Latest Garden Water Feature

brown wall waterfall

The water feature idea attached to the wall is much more. You can install a gray wall with motifs according to taste like this. By installing a water jet like the side, your backyard will be filled with the soothing sound of splashing water. The shallow pond on this idea can also be used to raise animals such as turtles for you.

Japanese Garden Water Feature

japanese water feature

The placement design and elegant Japanese style can be seen from the various inspirations that we often encounter in Japanese-style interior ideas. Likewise with the design of the backyard. To make it, you can create a quiet medium-sized pond and keep koi fish with their distinctive colors. The slow movement of the fish and the serenity of this design allows you to take a break from your busy routine.

Creative Water Feature

diy water features

With water sprinklers, you can make a backyard decoration of almost anything. As in this example, you can make a water decoration from an incomplete hula hoop. You just have to add a transparent area between them and run the water. Another idea that can be used is to use a pot or a large broken mirror to decorate your garden. Add small stones around where you put them to add a sweet impression.

Exotic Garden


The wide leaves of the plants around the pond look soothing and also bring out a different nuance. With this simple waterfall, you can still bring different nuances by simply adding certain plants. These colorful, broadleaf plants can provide an exotic theme for your backyard.

Inexpensive Water Feature

mini water features

If you want to get a backyard water feature for a small price, you can try this idea. Use a large, plain pot or pot to make a small water decoration with a fountain inside. Place them in empty locations in your backyard.

Attractive Garden

The backyard water feature should be followed by other equipment to make it look perfect. Add your favorite furniture as needed and beautiful plants to accompany it. Thus you can use a simple swimming pool to make the yard feel even more special.

Enormous Waterfall

water features around big rock

The most popular design for a waterfall is a natural-looking pile of rocks. If you have a large enough backyard, you can use this large waterfall design. Choose a large natural or artificial stone that is sturdy in building it. You can also add a net bridge to this area.

Top Water Feature


The backyard is usually used as a place to rest and enjoy the scenery. You can build a pool with two levels and a fountain over the backyard and place some lounge chairs like sun loungers or beanbags. Now you have a separate area to release all the burdens of the day.

Traditional Garden Design

traditional and simple water features

The backyard water feature will always look great in any garden theme. Especially for those of you who like simple and traditional designs. You can add a large water feature to decorate the shrubs in your garden.

Small Garden Water Features

garden water feature

Take advantage of the vacant land near your large plants with this water feature. The tiny shape can be placed in various empty spaces. You can also customize the decor with the garden theme you have. You can have several decorations placed in different areas of the garden.

Amazing Waterfall Design

small water ornament

Your garden is too full? No problem! It doesn’t have to be a large pool with a fountain or waterfall, you can install this small water ornament. Even though it has a simple design, certain placements will make it stand out more and become a special ornament on your page.

Crystal Waterfalls

outdoor wall fountains

Another inspiration for a water ornament in your backyard is this design. Watch the water flow down! Very beautiful, right? For installation, it can be done in various walls on the side of the pool with any material, you only need to pay more attention to the waterfall generation specifically that produces the crystal-like waterfall flow.

Awesome Water Feature

awesome water feature

For the backyard water feature, you can add a small pool made of clay near your natural pool as an accent. You can make it look more aesthetic by setting little white pebbles around it.

Interesting Landscape Water Features

full of flower water feature

If you live in an environment that is still beautiful, you can take advantage of the backyard for a similar landscape. Decorate your garden as natural as possible and add water features such as a birdbath to invite wild birds to stop by your house. So, in the morning or evening, there will now be small guests in your back garden.

DIY Water Garden

step to create a water garden

If you love aquatic plants, try this step for a backyard water feature. You can make a water garden in a large pot as shown below. Use small containers for your plants then attach them to your big pots. You can also watch for small fish if your pot contains a lot of water.

Inspiring Landscaping

natural backyard water feature

In some cases, something will look more beautiful if it looks as natural as possible. Including your backyard. In building a simple pond, you can try to let the grass and plants grow by themselves. This unspoiled ecosystem will help the animals around you too, you know!

Asian Garden Style

asian style water features

Using Asia as the theme for your backyard water feature installation is also worth considering. Keep in mind that Asian designs are not just the zen garden we discussed earlier. You can use inspiration from India or even the Middle East. This look is sure to bring a new feel to your home.

Perfect Water Feature For Your Garden

water feature beside deck

In installing the backyard water feature, you can customize it with the ecosystem and theme that you have created. You can combine several things that inspire you, for example in gardening, building a deck, or installing bridges. Surely your backyard will look perfect.

Artistic Fountain

lion water fountain

Your creative spirit also needs to be poured into home decor. You can display it in your backyard. Look for decorations made of rock, clay, or other materials that can be used to accent your fountain.

Water Fountains For Yards

single backyard water fountain

The single fountain is always a classic backyard water feature. If you have a simple pool and it looks boring, this alternative can be your choice. There is no need for extravagant designs because simply adding a fountain can make your backyard look dynamic.

Water Features FAQ

How can I learn how to manage water features in my garden?

To start DIY you can learn it self-taught via the internet. You can experiment with shapes and systems by yourself.

Are water features expensive?

The price of the backyard water feature depends on the design and size you want. You also have to pay attention to how much it costs to build the design. For example, you build from a pool or you can simply add ornaments. As an alternative, use a simple fountain decoration if you don’t have enough budget. If you want to do DIY options, you can expect to spend up to $100. That depends on the materials you use and the size of your project. Pre-assembled water features purchased online or in-stores can cost $250 and up.

Do you leave water features on all the time?

About turning on or not depends on your preference. Especially if you have an automated system for this backyard water feature. You can always turn it on if you have a self-cleaning feature. However, if you have a fountain made of metal, it’s a good idea to turn it off periodically so that you clean it from water droplets that can reduce its beauty.

Final Thoughts: Water Features

Now you know the inspirations for creating a backyard water feature? Which design catches your heart the most? Don’t forget to pay attention to the location of the placement of this water feature in your garden. Don’t let the area get too damp so that annoying moss appears all the time. To be sure, the placement will affect the look of the plants and other ornaments that already exist in your garden before. How was the experience of installing water features in your backyard? Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article via Facebook and Pinterest to get your friends inspired too!

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