Adjusting Sprinkler Heads : Pop-Up, Rotate, And Impact Sprinkler

garden sprinklerDo you have a dream to own a house with beautiful green grass like a fresh rug? Caring for various grasses and various plants in your yard bring difficulties in watering, especially when you have a little time. If your house is in a climate that tends to be hot, the grass can be very sensitive so it dries easily. This certainly makes your garden look mottled or even perforated. To solve this, a sprinkler is a perfect and easy solution for you because you only need to adjust the sprinkler heads and turn on your garden faucet to irrigate all the plants.

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Using a sprinkler will save you time tending to your plants or allow your gardener to focus on the development of your plants instead of dragging a water hose around the yard. To reach various areas of your yard, small sprinklers are placed at the end of your hose and distribute the water at a constant time. On some sprinkler heads, you can simply turn the clamp to adjust it. However, what about the other types of sprinklers? How do you get the watering area to reach the area you want? This article will cover it for you!

Why Adjusting Sprinkler Heads Is Important

According to your original purpose, besides saving time, installing a sprinkler also helps you to distribute water evenly. However, the sprinkler also needs to be adjusted so that it can reach the desired part precisely. You can avoid unwanted waterlogging or overwatering certain plants. In this case, you need to perform observation and installation manually before adjusting sprinkler heads.

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Before you start experimenting with sprinkler adjustments, take a look at the sprinklers you have. If your sprinkler doesn’t have a screw in the center, it means that the bow is not adjustable. Some water sprinklers are fixed, which means you can’t adjust the sprinkler head. If you want to put more attention on the lawn with sprinkler adjustments, on your next purchase, don’t forget to pay attention to this.

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Hence the steps for adjusting sprinkler heads depend on the type you have such as the type such as pop-up, rotating, or impact. The spray type will evenly distribute the water. The second one, rotating type, will spray one stream and make it a spin. The impact model can cover a large area and the movement is similar to the rotating type but the difference is the impact model’s head does not stick out.

The Basic Sprinklers

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Now you have to understand the basics on how to adjusting sprinkler heads. Take a look at your sprinkler. You will find a spray nozzle that connects all parts of this head. This section is a small screw that can help you adjust the amount of area the sprinkler covers.

Adjusting Basic Sprinkler Heads

When you adjusting sprinkler heads, use a small screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screw. Observe the action you take on the sprinkler while it fires on your lawn. Adjust the sprinkler with the screwdriver until you find the right spray density and pattern.

When you turn the needle clockwise you will be tightening the screw which means you will solve overspray by reducing the water pressure. Vice versa. If you loosen the screw by turning it counterclockwise, you will increase the water pressure.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

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The pop-up sprinkler head is probably the sprinkler you come across most often. This sprinkler head is also the most common choice by users all over the world. This type of sprinkler will appear on the surface when water pressure is detected or through the pipe.

Adjusting Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

In using this sprinkler you may need adjustments in terms of water pressure, angle, and the area that reaches it. To adjust the pop-up sprinkler head, you can do the following steps :

  1. Turn on your faucet or make sure the system is so. That way you can see the sprinkler head that you will be adjusting. Be prepared to be slightly exposed to water.
  2. Use a small screwdriver to adjust the head of sprinkler.
  3. Use a screwdriver on the screw and turn it clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen it. This depends on your preference for the sprinkler head whether you want a higher or a lower pressure.

Next, you can also adjust the pop-up sprinkler. This arc is determined by the angle formed by the rotating sprinkler. For example, if you place the head in a circle, the sprinkler will create a circular area that creates a rotating arc that needs to be closed. This applies to assume the spray you want is a semi-circular area, then the angle formed must be 180 degrees. To adjust it, you look at the top of your sprinkler head and look for the socket. From the socket, turn your head to the right and then hold it down. Another thing to note is the nozzle size which will determine the radius of the sprinkler head. The smaller the nozzle, the smaller the resulting radius, and vice versa.

Then it is the process of adjusting sprinkler head on its angle. If turning the screw means you are adjusting the spray pattern, to adjust the angle you need to do several alternatives. There is a sprinkler model that requires you to move the body of the tool to adjust the sprinkler head in an angle. Turn on the sprinkler to make the head come out or dig around the sprinkler and then turn on the water if the sprinkler is difficult to appear. Don’t forget to adjust the sprinkler head by turning the sprinkler body, you have to be careful not to break the connecting pipe under it.

Rotary Sprinklers

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The shape of this sprinkler is quite different from other models. This compact tube shape for your sprinkler allows the water to be scattered in the form of small beads that span one area. As the name suggests, this head will rotate to water the area of ​​your yard.

Each sprinkler head that you want to adjust depends on the model. If you use a sprinkler rotor, you can make adjustments to the arc and radius. With this adjustment, you can determine how far water your sprinkler head emits. This includes adjusting how far the irrigation head turns when you turn it on.

Adjusting Rotary Sprinkler Heads

On the tube or rod body, you can use the screw attached to secure the rotor nozzle to the sprinkler. The adjustment of the rotor nozzle depends on the sprinkler manufacturer you come from, so we cannot provide a definite formula for you in adjusting the sprinkler head other than what we have mentioned. Read the following instructions when you purchase a sprinkler for more precise details.

Impact Sprinklers



Compared to other types, impact models have a unique shape and look very complex. This sprinkler has a clamp-shaped part on its head and a part to drain water. This sprinkler flushes for one purpose only at a time with sufficient water pressure.

When you are adjusting sprinkler heads in impact type, you can’t adjust the radius, you can only adjust the arc. Back to look at the clamp, you can adjust the bow with the clamp, can be pressed with a set of pliers, or even you can simply press it with bare hands.

Adjusting Impact Sprinkler Heads

So on adjusting the impact sprinklers, you can do the following steps :

  1. Turn the impact sprinkler head to the left
  2. Press in on the clamp and turn it so that it touches the tab that extends downward from the sprinkler head
  3. Move the sprinkler head from the right side
  4. Adjust the separate sections in the same way

The Right Position

Then how do you make sure that your sprinkler placement is correct? Note that you must place the nozzle sprinklers and the static spray head should be able to reach the area leading to the next sprinkler head. Note that the following sprinklers are moving in all directions. You can test the placement by gradually shifting the hose location for your sprinkler to ensure water reach from head to head. Pay attention to whether you put one head with the other head too far, so that even though you have adjusted the sprinkler properly, the water coverage is still not maximal. When this happens you will have to adjust your pipeline route. It costs a lot of time and money to do this. To avoid mistakes, it would be better if you ask a specialist for help.

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Now you know why we need to adjust sprinkler heads and the hows. Remember, before you buy a new sprinkle, don’t forget to make sure that the product also has a detailed user guide. Any manufacturer that provides guidelines for adjusting the sprinkle will help you to use it quickly and precisely on the lawn until its maintenance.

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